30 September 2009

About Me...

It's a weird name for a blog isn't it? Eyes Bigger Than Belly?

Well it all came about because thats my favourite saying for my Husband when he eats too much... which is basically every night.

Most of our dinners end with him clutching his stomach, lying gingerly on the couch with a pained expression on his face and begging me to move his plate out of arms reach. Which is then the perfect time for me to say "See! Eyes Bigger Than Belly!" - it's my way of saying "I told you so."
I told you you couldn't eat 3 huge peices of lasagne. I told you you couldn't eat 4 lamb shanks. I told you you couldn't eat 2 pizzas... (I'm sure you get the idea)
So when I decided to start a food blog - it just seemed like the perfect name.

So who am I? 

My name is Joy and 3 weeks ago my Hubby and I uprooted our entire life and moved our baby girl to Airdrie, Canada (just north of Calgary).
I used to be a Sales Rep who travelled all over Regional QLD in Australia, so I started blogging when I realised I ate out more than I cooked! And the extra kilo's I piled on were a testament to that!
Now I'm an unemployed (job hunting?) Mummy who is stuck at home in -18C Snow... We are still finding our feet with jobs, daycare and where to eat... so this is my way of entertaining myself, keeping everyone back home up to date with our adventures and making sure my brain doesn't rot between teddy bear tea parties and The Wiggles.
PS - Canada is awesome :)


  1. It is about time you did something like this Joy! Remember me (the one who helped you plate up food for QANTAS) when you are dining with Richard Branson! Best of luck with it chicken!!

  2. How could I forget you!! We were so attractive in our little hair nets... oh, the good old days! :)

  3. Does that means we can check out yummy restaurants when I visit you in Brisbane? ;) LOL!

    Love your ginger & rex and your ADD Joey! They are adorable.

    Your hub sounds just like mine. LOL! But mine would say 'It's all your fault. Your dishes are too good and your cakes are too delicious not to have another slice.' lol!

  4. Yes! Message me when you come to Brisbane and we can have a food bloggers lunch :)

  5. love your blog, we do a few reviews of Vietnamese food in West End. The obsession of my partner to find the best Pho. Check us out.

  6. Hi Joy, I went diving with your lovely hubby couple of weeks ago on Big Cat. He mentioned your blog, and being a fussy foodlover in Brissie, I checked it out.... and you're AMAZING! Keep up the good work! :)

  7. Hi Joy, Which restaurant did you work in London? How interesting your background! No wonder you have such an eye for food!

  8. Welcome to Calgary Joy! Love your blog. Too bad about your negative experiences at Ric's Grill. How do you like Calgary so far? FYI - you have to pick up steaks from Master Meats. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Christine!
      We are LOVING it here! :)
      My hubby used to be a butcher so we are always on the lookout for somewhere that does a good steak - we'll have to look up Master Meats! Thanks for the recommendation! :)