09 November 2009

3 Bistro - 3 out of 3

Part of my job is taking our Clients out for dinner meetings or reward nights, and I have to say - although it is definately still "working" - I enjoy it immensely. I have been able to go to quite a lot of restaurants I normally couldn't afford to, especially not this often.

After an inhouse conference at
The Emporium Hotel, we retired downstairs for a quick cocktail and then dinner at 3 Bistro. Be warned, the bar is VERY small, really just a holding pen for diners waiting on their table to be free, or waiting on that last dinner guest to arrive... (I'm not throwing stones here - that guest is usually me, hubby was born without any concept of time - it's a genetic thing).

That being said though, quality should not be judged by size - and in this case, the drinks were great. We had a cachophony of drinks, and even while rattling off the list - the bartender didn't bat an eyelid and had them presented in minutes - highly impressive.

It's a little thing - but my tipple is Vodka, Lime and Lemonade - there is nothing I hate more than lime cordial... yes it has it's place - but in my opinion, that should be Kindergartens only... Anyway - I digress, Bistro 3 make my drinks the way I like them - in a short glass, with the vodka pounded into fresh lime, then topped with ice and lemonade. It really should be the only way.
Gianni's and watched in horror as a glass was pulled from the hot dishwasher, the bartender decided I didn't need ice and then made my drink with Vodka, Home Brand lemonade from the bottle and a super-generous glug of lime cordial... Yes it was during a Christmas function - but still... I begrudgingly paid $10 for that drink - but next time I think I'll offer to make my own...

Moving on to the dinner, the service was great considering we had a large group and they'd had a few drinks... I have to say I was impressed. I started with the Mooloolaba prawn starter, I'm always a sucker for a seafood entree, and I wasn't disappointed. The prawns were cooked perfectly - one was actually underdone, but in the spirit of sashimi, the prawn was good enough quality that this wasn't an issue.

To be honest I found the menu at Bistro 3 a little strange, not quite Fine Dining - although the quality of the furnishing's would say otherwise, not quite Cafe fare - but there's a burger and Chicken Kiev listed... In the way that a Bistro is midway between these points - I guess they have named the Restaurant well. That being said - I'm married to a Butcher and rarely feel the need to order steak in a Restaurant, unless it sounds amazing, or there's nothing else that interests me. In this case - it was a little of both. I love a well made Bearnaise sauce, and that coupled with creamed potatoes and bacon wrapped tomatoes just sounded divine.

And there was nothing else that grabbed me.

Although my hand was forced, the steak was great. Perfectly cooked, well rested and a Bearnaise sauce as good as any I had while frequenting French Restaurants overseas. It was definately one to tell hubby about when I got home.

Now - I'm going to admit something that not too many people know about... I always choose my dessert before anything else. In the same way that some people match wines to their meal, liqueurs to their coffees... Dessert is my passion and I would eat it first if people didn't laugh at me!

So when we got to Bistro 3, the first thing I did was ask to see the dessert menu. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a complete chocolate-whore. I try, I honestly do, but I see the word - and my decision is made. Although, in my defence - how good does this sound: Warm Chocolate Fudge Sundae, White Chocolate and Raspberries. OMG. Sounds like heaven to me!

I'm still scarred from the night I ordered the same drink from


The Verdict: Great! Can't wait to take Hubby here - the menu is a little odd, but nothing that can't be coped with. I'm not a fan of raw meat or offal and they had Calves Liver, Steak Tartare and a Lambs Brain special... eeew.

My Reccommendation: Everyone who ordered the steaks loved them - and there is a nice selection of sizes, cuts and sides. My dessert was fantastic but if I could do it over - I would probably hold out and make the trek across the carpark to
Freestyle Tout

Contact: 3 Bistro

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