04 November 2009

Freestyle Tout - the gateway to bigger pants

When I was a kid, my Dad always used to say “There’s a separate stomach for dessert – have you ever noticed that no matter how full you are, you always have room for dessert? That’s because you have two stomachs.” He was my Dad and I always grinned, wide eyed at him when he would tell me this and if I’m being honest, I was well into my teens before I questioned his grasp on biology.

But there’s something to be said for Freestyle Tout – we always go there after dinner at Wagamamas which is just across the carpark in Emporium. And let me tell you, we have rarely left Waggie’s without huffing and puffing about how full we are, rubbing our belly’s like we’ve traded with Buddha for the night… and yet we always have room for Freestyle.

To put it bluntly – the desserts here are phenomenal, in size, flavour, imagination and height. They tick every box possible.

My favourite is without a doubt the chocolate Sundae, loads of ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce and marshallows all served in a dish bigger than my vases at home (I kid you not). It is every child's dream come true.

In winter, when it’s just too teethchatteringly cold to eat ice cream – I can’t go past the Sticky Date Pudding, super moist pudding in a pool of butterscotch sauce, ice cream and cream – you can feel the cavities setting up camp with each mouthful, but it’s so worth it, and funnily enough, it’s not sickly sweet like you would imagine. (My next visit I'm determined to bypass the favourites and try out the White chocolate and raspberry brioche dumplings... *insert drool here*)

Hubby – who isn’t really a sweet-tooth at all – is usually the one steering me towards Freestyle, because he claims he has Pavlov’s Dog syndrome as soon as he sees the sign across the carpark! His favourite? The Satisfaction dessert cocktail – a sinfully delicious and headspinning concoction of Bailey’s, Kaluha, Tia Maria, Franjelico, ice cream and cream, drizzled with honey and layered with a chocolate swizzle stick. For the pure heaven of dessert here, I’m happy to drive home (because God knows how much booze is in that cocktail!)… although the seat does need to go back a few notches to allow for the Buddha belly!

Verdict: Wear your Frank Barone (Everybody loves Raymond) pants and enjoy every monuthful. They do have a "regular" menu as well, but it's just for the minority - you don't come here to eat "regular" food - it's the sugar highway and you're either with us or against us.

My recommendations: Chocolate Sundae, Crème Brulee, Sticky Date Pudding, Dessert cocktail.

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