07 November 2009

Jupiters Casino - Thank God there's more options now!

Life as a Sales Rep can be a bit "Forest Gumpy" - you never really know what you're going to get when you leave the safety of your home.

I book most of my travel on Wotif.com and if it's somewhere new, I do a bit of cyber-stalking first on Trip Advisor - however, this doesn't stop me from ending up in hellholes all over the state.

There was the "B&B" that was actually someone's converted garage - described as a "Garden Room", I guess they didn't technically lie as you did have to squeeze through their hedge to get to the door.

There was the 4 Star Hotel in a Mining Town that had a completely stainless steel bathroom - and no, I don't mean in an "Industrially Funky" kind of way... more like it would be convenient for them to hose your blood down the drain after some freak murdered you in your sleep...

And then there is Jupiters Townsville. Now I'm not saying that Jupiters is a horror story, that it's unsafe or in some way "freaky" - but there is a limit to the number of times you can tell a Hotel that you are a non-smoker, that you have athsma and that you need a room with working aircon before you give up and go elsewhere.

Before last year, I tolerated their complete lack of customer service - but now Townsville has so many more options - and thank god for that!!

After 20+ visits to Jupiters (by which time I should have been some kind of celebrated guest?) - they were still putting me in smoking rooms, putting me on floors that were being renovated (dirty, dusty and loud), I put up with eating cold and bland buffet items and even arguing with Valet parking when they tried to give me the keys for someone elses car...

But no more!!! - now I stay at Hotel M or Grand Mercure Apartments and it is so WONDERFUL to be appreciated as a customer.

The Verdict: I will never go back - I would rather sleep in my hire car.

My Recommendations: Try Hotel M or Grand Mercure Apartments, otherwise - if you must stay here - demand a non-smoking room in one of their renovated rooms... they must have finished some of them by now surely...

Contact: Jupiters Townsville

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