23 November 2009

Pizza Capers - Getting it's act together... finally!

After spending Sunday hosting an Alpha Male Pool Party at our house (read: 5 boys, 3 esky’s, 2 tarps and a bottle of Morning Fresh… you get the picture?) – the last thing I wanted to do was cook. The answer? Pizza – and preferably home delivered.

We’ve lived in the ‘burbs now for 2 years, but prior to that – we used to venture out here every month or so to babysit our nieces, and use the opportunity to try different takeaway to what we had in the Valley.

At this stage – it was really just the big pizza chains, Pizza Hut and Dominos – and very little else that didn’t taste like cardboard… until we discovered the newly opened Pizza Capers that promised - and did - deliver Gourmet Pizzas with interesting toppings and plenty of them.

But after what was such an illustrious beginning, Pizza Capers started to pick up some bad habits from it’s Bogan cousins… soggy bases, stingy toppings, being delivered cold, and waiting over an hour for the privilege. So we gave up – wrote them off as just another “Big Boy” that was all about the profit margin, and no longer about the customer. Until recently that is…when hubby told me sheepishly that he had cheated on our new love Hell Pizza – just to give Pizza Capers another chance…

Let me start by saying that I hold grudges, I don’t forgive quickly and I expect my betrayers to work hard to get me back… well, I have to say that Capers is well and truly clawing it’s way back into my good books – so successfully in fact that I feel adulterous about abandoning Hell… but what they don't know won't hurt them... will it???

So what would make my love so fickle? I would probably have to start with the base – just the right thickness, not soggy in the middle and with a nice crunch on the crust. Follow that with toppings that just look (and taste!) so home made and gourmet, and finish off with the sexy little add-ons like a swirl of Hollandaise sauce and I’m hooked.

While they have well and truly got their act together with regards to the Pizza – their delivery times have not improved – we waited over an hour for a recent order, so long that they actually gave us 20% off to apologise… But at least it was delivered hot... I guess that makes it worth the wait?

The Verdict:
Great tasting Pizza, an awesome menu of different pizzas with some fantastic Gourmet offerings. I’m not a fan of their garlic breads though – dry, a fairly small serve and stingy on the cheese.

My Recommendation: You have to try the Bonanza – a Meat Lovers Special, it’s an extra $3 to upgrade the toppings to Chorizo, Red Onion and a Hollandaise Sauce swirl – but sooooo worth it! The Supremo is fantastic-o, real Kalamata olives and topped with a handful of actual freshly chopped herbs.

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