09 December 2009

Bubbles on Cove - A Sanctuary of gorgeous wines...

"Should we be cheeky?" the Boss asks... "there's only a $10 difference?". And while I was internally salivating - I somehow conjured the sensible part of my nature and convinced her that drinking Veuve Clicquot ($80) on a Wednesday night - while thoroughly enjoyable - was probably tipping the scales of "cheeky" and managed to talk her down into the bottle of Moet ($70) instead.

I tell you what, life is good when you can end the day with some bubbles - but life is magnificent when those bubbles are French!

After a big day at the round table, discussing next years business plan - Champagne was definitely in order for the debrief, and where else but "Bubbles on Cove" in the Sanctuary Cove Village.

This was my first trip to Sanctuary Cove but I am definitely a fan. I will be making a concerted effort to bring hubby back here... although we probably won't be drinking Moet on that trip!

Bubbles is a gorgeous little wine bar / bottle shop where not only can you enjoy a large selection of wines by the glass - you can also choose from their large but Boutique selection of wines by the bottle. After being cooped up inside all day - we turned down the glamorous bar stools in lieu of the super comfy outdoor lounges to catch the early evening breeze.

Service is warm and friendly with the bartender not only giving us a quick run down of some of the great wines on special, she also volunteered to "Whip us up a quick cheese plate" when she overheard us whinging about the boys being late to meet us for dinner.

Although I make no apology for the French Champagne! - I do try my best to buy Australian produce as often as possible - so I was very excited when she told me that all of the cheeses they stock in-house are Tasmanian. I absolutely love it when local businesses do their bit to support Australian companies and I try to support them in turn.

The Verdict: Trendy but comfortable Wine Bar in a gorgeous location. The only downside? No spirits... but let's be honest... when the choice is between a Vodka and Moet - the Moet wins every time!

Recommendations: Let the bartender guide you with you wine selection unless you have something in particular in mind. Definitely try the cheeses, I missed out this time - but won't make the same mistake again!

Bubbles on Cove
Lot 31/ Masthead Way
Hope Island
(07) 5577 9669

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