17 December 2009

Hotel Urban Sydney - The Run Down

Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to write this because I'm pretty grumpy - I tend to get that way when I'm hungry.

But as someone who travels alot - I wanted to get something off my chest. Hotels that don't think drive me insane. Yes
Hotel Urban Sydney - today I'm talking about YOU.

So from a Grumpy Sales Rep - these are my top peeves.

1. No Powerpoints within easy reach.
Most people these days travel with a Mobile Phone, Laptop, Digital Camera, Ipod... Normal People - not just Sales Reps. So being able to plug these in without a) Getting carpet burn from crawling under furniture or b) Risking electrocution by plugging them in the bathroom should be a given right? Wrong. I had the choice of either the bathroom or moving the whole Minibar selection. And that was just to charge my phone. I'll just work on my laptop until it dies and then charge it at home. Ridiculous.

2. No actual lights.
When did we decide to go down the American path of lighting rooms with 17 lamps instead of one ceiling mounted light? Do you know how frustrating it is to actually find the switches for all of those lamps???

3. Single Beds.
I am a fully grown, full rate paying Adult. I deserve a bed that doesn't make me feel like I'm spending the night in Disneyland. I'm 6 feet tall for Gods sake - I don't even fit on a single bed!!!

4. Rooms that are too small to swing a cat.
Or in my case, innocently trip over without crashing into a wall. I have no coordination or balance - I will admit to that - but I should be allowed my transgretions without causing a mini-demolition.

5. Air Conditioning units that are not mounted on the ceiling.
Honestly - before today I had never even imagined an Air Con unit could be mounted into the floor.

And last but not least -
The Beast at the Room Service Gate.
Does it really matter if it's 4 minutes past Menu Change Over Time? Will the world really end if you show a meagre scrap of customer service and give me what I want? It was just a Club Sandwich after all. And chips. Don't forget the chips. *grrr*

From a positive point of view -

1. Nice Bathrooms

2. Doonas on the bed.

3. Decent stocked mini bar.

The Verdict: Great hotel for a work stay but I doubt I would stay here for more than one night at a time. It is very small - and the Single Beds are a killer for me. I would definately have dinner elsewhere. Don't pin your hopes on Room Service just in case they break your spirit.

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  1. Come home Chicken, let me feed you.