05 December 2009

Skybury Coffee - Cairns Airport Saviours...

Sometimes I feel a little bit like Tom Hanks in that Airport Movie "The Terminal" - so much of my working life revolves around airports and my struggle to get in and out of them with most of my sanity in tact.

My weak point is that so much of my sanity really does hinge on coffee. And as I'm sure most of you know - Airport Coffee is usually revolting, and hideously overpriced at that.

So thats why I was so surprised (Read: Delighted, ecstatic, in awe) that one of the new tenants of Cairns Airport is Skybury Coffee.

I have just paid $12 for a Large Mocha, Ham and Cheese Croissant and a bottle of water. By Airport standards - I have just committed highway robbery. And to top it off - it is droolworthy wonderful.

While everyone whinges about coffee - I am a particular snob when it comes to pastries. I blame it on my years in London where I worked with a real French and a real Austrian baker. They made pasties so light you nearly had to tether them to the bench. So when I see that stodgy dough you usually see here called "Croissants" - the hackles on the back of my neck go up.

But their croissants (and I could see it from the display cabinet) were superlight and fluffy with millions of tiny butter infused layers. Heaven.

But on top of it all - not only did they provide me with a breakfast I would have been happy to have in any cafe in the country - they also delivered it to my table - didn't stand there and schreech out "Nuuuuumber 3... Nuuuumber 3....?". And guess what else? There was a little chocolate on the side. God I love you guys!

So I ask you Skybury Coffee, where have you been all my life and what took you so bloody long to move into the airport??? :)

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