09 January 2010

The Cupcake Parlour - Generous in more ways than one

I was pretty sure she hadn't already had any because I'd been in the line with her for at least the last 10 minutes - but my heart lurched with excitement when this stranger, hugging her box of cupcakes to her chest, grabbed my arm and said dreamily "These cupcakes are soooo good..."

Then with her big eyes and satisfied grin - she disappeared into the crowd and I was left to battle it out for one of the last remaining cupcakes at The Cupcake Parlour .

I must have changed my mind at least 7 times while I was waiting to order and just as I was sure I had decided - someone would order something gorgeous and I was left faltering again.

The one that took my eye the most was topped with coconut so when it was my turn I asked for a run down of the remaining flavours. He pointed at my favourite and said "Vanilla with Coconut Frosting" - I was disappointed - I had expected something a little more exotic.

So like the true Chocolate-Skank I am - I went with the "Chocolate Marble" - topped with nothing less than a whole Guylian Chocolate. *drool* Talk about generosity.

He was intruiged why I didn't go with my first choice - "I like coconut, but I just expected something... different?" I said. "Trust me, you'll like it" - and with that - he popped it into my cakebox free of charge.

Want to know what makes a foodie happy? Food.
Want to know what makes a food blogger happy? Free food.

The Vanilla-Coconut was simple and wonderful. A nice, light but dense cupcake, topped with a coconut infused frosting and garnished with a generous puff of shaved coconut. Refreshing in it's simplicity. I'm so glad he insisted I try it. Next time I'm just going to ask him to choose for me.

The Chocolate-Marble was a chocolate delight. A dense cupcake that you could actually taste the quality Cocoa in - it was a flavoursome little cake with a nice kick. The chocolate frosting was delicious - but what really sealed the deal for me was the Guylian shell on top. It was 3 different types of chocolate that all complimented each other nicely without being too sickly sweet. A real triumph.

At just $3 a cupcake - it was much better quality than the price suggested. Next time I will be making sure I try the Lemon Sorbet (the excited girl took the last of these) and a Melting Moment (that actually has a whole biscuit on top!!)...

Contact: Cupcake Parlour

(The Cupcake Parlour has a store at West End but I bought mine from their stand at the Powerhouse Markets.)

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  1. OMG- that chocolate marble looks delish!! Promise me next time we visit you'll take us there!!!

  2. Lol - we can do a whole cupcake tour of Brisbane if you want!! :)

  3. Hehe they must be good for a total stranger to blurt that out! Such is the excitement of finding delicious food huh! :D

  4. I know!! And I'm guilty of doing the same thing - but at least you know they're honest when they have that "glazed over" look!! Lol

  5. Cupcakes from the Cupcake Parlour are not made that day and are tasteless. Thats what happens when they are made from packet mix. I would be buying elsewhere.

  6. Ahh cupcakes, they are my weakness. My favourite little cupcake caterer is Cupcakes by Rosy - cupcakes Brisbane.