28 February 2010

Have Fork will Travel?

Will Write for Food?

Have Fork will Travel?

Sound like you?

Dear Readers,

Are you already a food blogger or do you just like to share your opinion? Do you know good food, have an eye for detail and a passion for good service? Then this could be right up your alley.

The Mystery Dining Company is looking for people to anonymously assess their restaurants so that they can maintain a high standard of food and service.

They are currently recruiting for “Eaters” in Brisbane, Perth and Canberra locations – as well as Sydney airport. So regardless of whether you are a regular diner - flying, dropping off or picking up – this could be a gig for you.

If you like the idea of being reimbursed for your meal in return for completing a questionnaire and sharing your thoughts – you should apply here . After all – as foodies – isn’t this our passion? To eat? To get it for free should just be the kicker!

To be a successful Mystery Diner – you need to give fair, well rounded and objective feedback. They will provide initial training and a detailed brief before each outing.

I’ve just signed up… and am waiting with bated breath for my first assignment – I can’t wait! If this is something that rings your bell - you should too!

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