20 February 2010

Pizzeria 1889 - Brisbane's best pizza? I think so.

My Dad is like every Boy Scout personified. He is prepared for every eventuality, every occasion and possibly even nuclear war.

This is why he stockpiles toothpaste. Why there are 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, 8 bottles of Chilli sauce and 2 tins of Treacle in my Mum's pantry.

This is also why, after trying them once in a dodgy Mexican cafe, my dad went out and bought an entire carton - yes you heard me, a CARTON, of Refried Beans. Just in case he might like to have them again one day.

There are also 2 bottles of every spice known to man, and equally as many jars of Jam. Yes Jam. My Dad loves anything that is friends with butter.

I missed his call the other morning - truth be known I had slept through both my alarm and his call, and I am fairly sure that I can expect one after he reads this. He takes his hoarding very seriously and will be upset with me for broadcasting it to the whole world!

So what is the point of all of this you ask? Well tonight I had Pizza for dinner from Pizzeria 1889 at the Barracks. Wonderfully, thin chargrilled pizza barely smeared with sauce and sprinkled with toppings in the way that the Italians do so well.

Less is more. Hear that Dad? Less. Is. More. *cheeky grin*

I've heard the rumours for a while. That Pizzeria 1889 made the best Pizza in Brisbane. A pretty tough call really, and one that I've been eager to try out.

So tonight, while my extremist husband is away 4WD'ing and god knows what else - I had pizza for dinner. Italian Sausage with Chargrilled Capsicums, Olives and Mushrooms.

Absolute perfection. The base was super crispy, charred in areas and with a light dusting of semolina that coated your fingertips. The capsicums were super sweet, the olives tart and the mushrooms... *oh, drool* - the mushrooms were divine. Fresh, earthy and slightly roasted - I would consider vegetarianism if I could eat mushrooms like this every day.

I especially like it when a busy place doesn't take your name or give you a number and then scream at you when your order is ready. They came out and found me, delivered it into my hands with a big smile and wished me a great night.

I felt equally as important as the dining-in customers - and you certainly don't get that often.

The Verdict: Awesome Pizza. Brilliant Service.

Recommendations: I would eat in. I road tested takeaway before going to the effort of bringing hubby here. But the vibe was so nice, I could have happily stayed for hours... and of course stopped off for a Movenpick ice cream cone on the way home...

Contact: Pizzeria 1889

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  1. Well, I'll have to try it - my gold standard for pizza is Beccofino at Teneriffe

  2. Tried this place tonight and would say its average at best. As for the gold standard for pizza in Brisbane it has to be Sugo Mi in Bulimba.