23 February 2010

Spring Gully Olives - Meslalla, Olive Relish and a love affair with Lamb.

I’m not exactly sure when it happened. But at some point, not that long ago – I started dreading the walk to the mailbox.

At some point, I have become OLD.

I have reached that age where the mailbox delivers only bills, reminder notices and announcements of yet more financial pain to come.

So it is always a nice (read: blissfully exciting) surprise when I actually get real mail. And it is a highlight of my week, when that mail is edible. And no, I have not become so desperate that I have started to eat envelopes!

Getting a delivery of Olive Relish and Meslalla from Spring Gully Olives definitely counts as a highlight. A double highlight being that it is definitely, 100%, deliciously edible.

Like the crazy, food obsessed girl that I am. I sat right down and open them then and there. Sitting on my front lawn, the rates notice sitting next me – while I opened them for a quick sniff and taste test. YUM! The Olive Relish was spicy and acidic, peppered with generous chunks of olives. But the Meslalla. Oh the Meslalla – it was just screaming out for lamb.

Hubby also did the sniff test and agreed. We had to have lamb. With it’s big olive-y flavours and punchy Moroccan aromas – it seemed like the perfect match.

With some crusty bread at the ready – I dipped into the Olive Relish while waiting for the lamb to cook and was pleasantly surprised. Again, quite big flavours balanced by a strong acidity. Although I did enjoy it as a dip on bread – I think it would be best suited on a cold meat sandwich or mixed with cream cheese for a dip on a tapas plate.

The lamb smelt amazing but funnily enough, the flavours mellowed with cooking. We used lamb loin so maybe it was cooked too quickly – I want to try it again with a Chargrilled boned leg on the BBQ. And leave it to marinade over night. Just to confirm that we did in fact, have the right idea, we put big dollops of it on our hot lamb and it was delicious. So I think that time is the key – the more the better.

The Verdict: I had never heard of meslalla before but it has definitely made an impression. On both me and Hubby.

Recommendations: Release your inner Sam Kekovich and make a date with a Lamb Leg. You won’t regret it!

Contact: Spring Brook Farm

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  1. Aren't food parcels the best? I wish I could specify "No bills but plenty of food parcels please" :P