29 April 2010

Grill'd Burger - Absolutely drool-worthy

Its not often that staff in a Franchisee Restaurant express disappointment in what you’ve ordered. Although it’s definitely strange – on it’s own weird level – it shows a passion for food that you don’t really expect.

We’ve been meaning to go to Grill’d for a while now – it’s directly across the road from my Chiro so I need to walk past it at least once a week – salivating at the smell and size of the burgers people seem to be enjoying so much more because I’m not having one. To be completely honest – it’s one of the reasons I make my appointments early in the morning – to save myself from the horror temptation.

So when we finally made it in for lunch – I knew straight away what I would order – my undying love for pickles and mustard rendered me useless against any other choice but the "Mustard and Pickled".

Hubby – being anti-salad and “weird stuff” – started with a Big Queenslander and thus began the disappointment. After asking for all the salad to be removed, an extra slice of cheese to be added and DEFINITELY no Herbed Mayo – the Waiter was crestfallen and his disappointment was obvious.

“But now it’s just like one of those things from Maccas??” He whimpered into the Cash Register but Hubby was immovable.

I was intrigued that this Uni-Student type would care so much and it made me even hungrier.

The smells wafting out of the open-plan kitchen had me drooling even before we had a table – but I’m happy to report that even though we didn’t wait very long – it was worth every minute of suspense.

My burger was DELICIOUS!! And it actually looked like a burger. Like the stylised ones you see on TV- not the squashed, congealed and leaking lump you usually end up with via drivethru.

I was entranced. Succulent beef patty with sweet salad and tangy pickles – the Dijon mustard was slightly over generous but had a gorgeous kick that caused me to nearly inhale my burger with delight. I am officially hooked.

I’m not sure if the Waiter’s disappointment in Hubby caused him to go overboard on the presentation of his burger – but it was perfect – distinct layers of meat, egg and cheese. I’m sure this is what Maccas burgers are meant to look like – but never do. It was almost too pretty eat. (almost...)

The side of chips were absolute perfection. I actually feel comfortable saying that these are the best chips I have ever had. Cooked until crisp and golden and then seasoned with herbs and rock salt – the only thing that made them better was the Herbed Mayo. I can only assume that they make it fresh because it actually tasted like Fresh Herbs. Amazing. Who would have thought you would get such good quality from a Franchise??

Seriously - if you haven't been yet - it's time to make a date.

The Verdict: So far, the best burger I have ever had. Paired with the best chips I have ever had. An absolute winner.

Reccommendations: Your choice on the burger – I’m pretty sure they would all be good. But you HAVE to try the chips. And without being too bossy – you HAVE to have the Herbed Mayo as well.

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  1. Grill'd is fantastic! I agree with the best burger tag! The vegie burgers are great too!!

  2. Argh!!!

    I knew we should have gone these instead of Tuckeria - but I was swayed by the majority of the group, "it's just a burger, how good can it be?"

    In other news I'm way more excited than I should be - going to Peasant tonight!

  3. oo I'm glad you love Grill'd! to be honest, It's not the best burger I've ever eaten but the filling is always really fresh. I'm a fan of the satay styled burger!

  4. Brisbane is where I tried my first Grill'd burger and I'm so glad there's one close to where I live in Sydney!

  5. Yes! I love Grill'd, and I usually get Mustard and Pickled! Dude that herbed mayo...gahh!

  6. LOL I love that story! Who would have thought that a staff member would care that much? That's so nice and refreshing! :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    What a load of propaganda. I'm all for creative promotion, but this was just painful to read.

  8. I haven’t been there yet but after reading this and enjoying the occasional burger for lunch I must try it.
    Cheers, Dave

  9. Why o Why...I don't understand the hold Grill'd has on people....our experience DID not blow me away....in fact I am inspired now to write about the uninspiring visit we had to the chain store...