13 December 2012

Earls' Girls steal the show...

"For the love of God, please eat the Beef!"
When we told our Brother in Law Mick that we were going to Banff for the day – his one recommendation was “Go to Earls”.

Later – after we’d already been – he admitted that Earls was really famous for “Earl’s Girls”, and he didn’t actually have an opinion, or a memory, of the food. Apparently the girls that work there are all stunning. And looking back – it’s a pretty accurate selling point.  

But before knowing all of the above – we went to Earls on a recommendation. One we thought was for food… apparently not – but it was still a good recommendation!

I love places that we take Poppy to and they don’t bat an eyelid. Better still if they make a joke about us needing “a table for 2 and a half” or engage her directly. I’m not one of those mum’s that believes kids have a right to eat in every Restaurant – and hubby and I make it a point not to take her anywhere she could possibly ruin someone else’s meal – but I love it when we take her somewhere and she is treated as just another customer and not a non-tipping pain in the butt.

Earls was one of those places. 

Our Waitress didn’t break stride when Poppy screeched her toddler-speak welcome and held her hand all the way to the table. When she asked if we were going to order anything for Poppy and we said no (Poppy likes to share “Adult” food), she asked if we wanted milk for her bottle or if we had a bottle we needed heating. 

Ten points for being unexpectedly child friendly!

Still on our burger high – we ordered The Bronx Burger and Clam Chowder. The perfect choice for a -15C day! The burger was a sensation – grilled, perfectly seasoned beef on a fresh bun with cheddar cheese and 3 enormous, golden, sweet centered onion rings. Even though it was hubby who ordered the burger – I seemed to get the lion’s share of the onion rings – and Poppy made a good dint in the burger patty.

My chowder was exactly as I imagined a North American Chowder to be… creamy, flavourful and thick enough that you could almost eat it with a knife and fork. Generous chunks of seafood, potato and carrot – in a portion so massive I couldn’t even finish it. In hindsight this was possibly due to the gluttony of the onion rings…

Our waitress was bubbly but extremely efficient and knowledgeable about the menu, she recommended hubby a local beer without hesitation and won Poppy over with funny faces from across the room. 

Sometimes it is more about the atmosphere of a restaurant and not so much about the food. On this occasion – Earls was both.

Food, Excellent.
Service, Fantastic.
Price – Outstanding.

Not only will we be back – we will bring back every visitor we have. Thank you Earls – we love your work!

299 Banff Avenue

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  1. We would like to tahnk you for taking the time to write such kind words! We look forward to having you visit again soon!