06 January 2013

Brewsters, we have a local!

Of all the things I have struggled with since we moved here – the complete lack of familiarity has been the hardest.

From not knowing where to shop, to what brand of pasta sauce to buy, and who the hell goes first at a “4 Point Stop” Intersection. Nothing shakes your confidence more than having to second guess yourself at every turn.

What I have really missed though – is having a “local”. That failsafe location where you can go for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or just a drink. That place the car knows how to get to automatically and where the staff recognise you as a regular.

Thanks to an amazing Burger that we first discovered on Man vs Food, we now have a Local!

We have lived in Airdrie for 6 weeks now, and we have eaten at Brewsters 7 times… 

The food is consistently good, the service is fast and friendly – and most importantly for us, they are well stocked with crayons, the Waitresses know their beer and are happy to assist hubby in his goal of trying every Canadian beer he can get his hands on!

Alberta Beef Dip
In the 7 times that we have eaten here – Hubby has not been adventurous at all. When he spied the Barvarian Beef Dip and confirmed that it was indeed, very similar to the ones he had seen on Man vs Food – he was hooked. He has ordered that same ol’ Burger each and every time we have eaten there. And loved it.

Basically it's a roll with finely sliced beef, horseradish cream, caramelised onions and melted cheese - then you dip it into the dish of jus... wah lah, Beef Dip!

I’ve been slightly more adventurous – sampling the wings, steak sandwich gyoza and my new personal favourite – the Alberta Beef Tacos.

Appetiser Alberta Beef Tacos
I have never been to Mexico so I honestly can't comment on the authenticity of the Taco's - and I highly doubt they are - but they are delicious, and that's really all that matters to me. 

Tasty shredded short rib, fresh cabbage slaw and pickled red onion with fresh coriander and wedges of lime. It is a light and refreshing meal that helps you forget it's in the -30's outside.

We've had the wings on a few occasions and although tasty - they are a little on the small side.

The steak sandwich was good but just too much beige for me. Steak, bread, chips, onion rings... everything was the same colour... no salad or greenery - even just a hint of "healthy" would have made this much more enjoyable - but it's not on the menu, so I don't know why I expected it. It's still good - I just felt like something was missing.

Gyoza with sweet chilli sauce
All in all, it's a great local pub and it's helping us settle in to our new life. Now if I only I could get hubby to branch out and try something different... 

3 Stonegate Drive NW

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