21 January 2013

Saltlik Steakhouse Banff and the Lobster Disaster.

Everyone tells you how expensive it is to have a baby. And they're right - it can be expensive... Cots, bottles, toys... clothes they seem to grow out of mid-nappy change...

But I thought I had everything under control until Poppy developed a love of lobster. Yes that's right - the world’s most expensive shellfish.

Sigh. Why couldn't she be a chicken nugget baby?

For Christmas we ticked a major goal off our bucket list and had "Christmas at the Castle".

It was an unplanned (although heavily lusted after) experience and our spontaneity robbed us of any chance at a traditional Christmas dinner - but lucky for us Saltlik in Banff decided at the last minute to open for Christmas dinner. And so began the lobster disaster.

For a starter we ordered "Almost Famous Dry Ribs" - short cut ribs in a tamarind honey sauce, and watched gobsmacked as the Poptart put those new pearly whites to good use, gnawing tender meat off little bones. Even the punch of the sauce didn’t slow her down. That probably should have been our first warning.

For main we both ordered steak – I had the Skirt steak with Béarnaise sauce, and Hubby had the Prime Sirloin with Chipotle BBQ. Seeing as it was Christmas night and everywhere else was booked solid – we decided to treat ourselves and order a side of grilled Lobster with warm butter, Lobster Mashed Potato and Steamed Garlic Broccoli. Obviously it was the double Lobster that was the extravagance and not the broccoli – although the broccoli definitely held its own!

Distracted by ordering another round of drinks – we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Poppy pick up a whole half lobster and pretty much inhale it. 

I didn’t even have the courage to look at the bill and see what her ‘Market Price’ kiddy meal cost us. I mean seriously – who else has a toddler that eats LOBSTER???

Asides from the trauma that was stolen lobster – our meal was impeccable. Especially for Christmas Dinner. It would have to be one of the few nights of the year that NO ONE wants to work – yet we were waited on by a happy, charming and welcoming crew.

My skirt steak was amazing. I’ve only ever braised this cut of beef – but seared and sliced thinly – it was divine, and so flavoursome. 

Hubby’s steak was gorgeous – supremely tender, but I’m not a fan of BBQ Sauce. Give me Béarnaise or a good mustard any day. 

The lobster mash was SENSATIONAL. Imagine the creamiest mash you’ve ever had, with a dollop of sour cream, a scattering of spring onions and throughout – all that beautiful claw meat. The meat that is a pain in the butt to get out – but tastes better than the pretty stuff. Just beautiful. I would go back just for the mash any day.

Even though I was pretty much full to busting – it was Christmas and I was brought up that it wasn’t a celebration unless there is dessert. So out came an order of crème brulee and 3 spoons. 

Yes 3. 

She already ate lobster – a little dessert wasn’t going to kill her!

Silky smooth, and my favourite part - served in a shallow dish, so lots of toffee. The crème brulee was perfect. Just like our Christmas.


221 Bear Street

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