12 November 2009

Platinum International Hotel - I can't believe it's in Toowoomba! oops.

Note to Self: Don't insult Taxi Drivers when you don't know where you are. Bad Move. Even if it was unintentional.

I travel a lot. A LOT. And sometimes, the places I stay at are awesome, sometimes a bit random - and sometimes downright scary or crap. But I only have myself to blame because I book everything myself.

Anyway - I go to Toowoomba every 3 weeks, usually just a day trip - but occasionally I'm in charge of Entertaining our clients there which involves a fairly hard night on the tiles after dinner and an overnight stay. I'd driven past the billboard for The Platinum International quite a few times - and I'll be honest - the first time I was going so fast, I thought it was for a strip joint. But later - travelling at the speed limit - I noticed it was for a Hotel - and I was intruiged.
I've now stayed there four times - and it just keeps getting better. The Hotel is super modern, really comfy beds, gorgeous bathrooms and a good sized TV. They also have lots of extra wide parking - perfect for my fat little RAV - but who I am kidding, those parking spots are designed for the Landcruisers, F-250's and the odd stray cattle truck - I'm just taking advantage!

I love that they remember me, I've been upgraded twice, but more than anything - it's nice to be recognised and valued as a customer. I don't see that nearly as much as I should!

So where did I go wrong? I was in a taxi on my way to the Restaurant for dinner when I said "I can't beleive how nice this Hotel is! I can't believe it's in Toowoomba! Toowoomba!?!". If you've ever wanted to shut down a chatty cabbie - insulting his hometown under the guise of a compliment is just one way you can go...

The verdict: A fantastic Hotel in the heart of the Downs. Even though it is very modern and just a little bit swanky - don't expect any snobbery. The owners are incredibly friendly and treat every guest like a visitor to their home.

My Recommendation: Don't bother with room service or breakfast at the Hotel, it's nothing special and there's a lot of nice little cafes in Toowoomba that do a great job. Dinner is another story - wonderful, Mod Oz cuisine in an intimate little Restaurant adjoining Reception.

Contact: The Platinum International

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  1. This place sounds great! We've been thinking of heading to Toowoomba for a while to check out the flower gardens and this just makes it sound even more appealing.