18 November 2009

Sushi Train - I choo choo choose you...

Another day, another work lunch. I almost make it sound like a complaint don't I? Well it's not - honestly!

On this occasion I had some clients from Toowoomba in town, and having bragged about my absolute favourite Sushi place the last time I saw them - I had arranged to take them out for some chopstick action the next time they made it to Brisbane.

So where is the best Sushi in Brisbane? Without a doubt - Sushi Station on Brunswick Street in the Valley. It is always ridiculously fresh, cheaper than the city outlets and the Chefs are always willing to make you anything that isn't already on the train.

My other favourite thing about this Sushi Train - is the Miso soup. It is divine. So divine in fact that I usually have at least 2 bowls of it... It just makes me feel so healthy and sustained... hard to describe, but after one bowl I feel cleansed. After the 2nd bowl - I feel a bit like the Dalai Lama... calm, content and at peace with the world. Even if it is only for the duration of lunch!

My other favourites are the Prawn, Avocado and Snow Pea Sprout Rolls, Chicken in Omelette Hand Roll and the Vegetarian Delight - Tofu, Carrot and Pickles wrapped in Sushi Rice and Lettuce. *drool*

I've been coming here for years - the Chefs recognise me when come in, which is nice - but what I really like is that they laugh at me when I bring my husband. Why? Well - because he doesn't eat Sushi. When he comes with me, we sit at the back of the restaurant and the Chefs just keep passing him plates of Gyoza and Tempura. Thats all he eats. Ever. They think it's hilarious.
Some people get a little put out when the Lady owner moves them on, or reshuffles them so other groups can fit. I don't mind, especially because I have been part of a group that has caused a reshuffle. In fact - on this visit, we "kicked out" 2 ladies that were on a booth (seating for 4) and they laughed at it saying that the owner had already told them that "when bigger group come - you go". That being said - you don't go here for the service, (which is generally very quiet, efficient and inobtrusive), you go for the super tasty sushi, phenomenally fresh sashimi, and wonderful Tempura delights.

The Verdict: My #1 Favourite Sushi Train in Brisbane - and QLD if I'm being honest. You absolutely cannot go wrong with anything here. It's all wonderful.

My Recommendations: Try as much as you can afford! The Miso is the best I've had and the steamed Gyoza very, very nice. Hubby is completely in love with the Tempura.

Sushi Station - Fortitude Valley
5/421 Brunswick St

Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
(07) 3252 3199‎

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