27 December 2009

Yes I'm crazy - I prefer Kitchen Bling over Shiny Rings...

Apparently there is a new trend where people are referring to their Engagement Rings as "Promise Rings". That although they are buying the nicest ring they can afford, it is a promise that when they are more established and financially secure - that they will upgrade to their real Engagement ring.

Part of me found this interesting and part of me found it insulting. But then I'm not really a jewellery girl, and I'm too sentimental to book in for an "upgrade". So I find it quite funny that I have married into a jewellery family that loves their bling.

When I finally got through to hubby that I really don't care for sparkly things in the traditional sense - that there was another kind of sparkle that I lusted for - I think he was quite relieved. And while we couldn't afford the one that I really wanted (Candy Apple Red KitchenAid, you will be mine one day...) - I have negotiated the Promise Ring Contract to include my Mix Master.

Ladies and Gentlemen - meet the new addition to my family and reason #758847 why I love my husband.

This is what he bought me for Christmas.
It is beautiful, it is shiny and it gives me happy goosebumps.

I can't wait to christen it - and although I wonder if I'm tempting fate by using it to make something that could be an utter failure... it deserves something classy as it's first conquest.

I was thinking chocolate souffle.

So dear Reader, who is the love in your Kitchen?


  1. Fabulous! We had no ring besides the simple gold bands we married with. Husband has given me gorgeous rings over the years but, like you, I prefer the kitchen stuff: the cookbooks he has offered and the gastronomic trips he has taken me on. You are one lucky lady as I have been wishing for (and asking for) a stand mixer too. Sadly, we have no room for it on our kitchen...yet.

    Chocolate soufflé sounds pretty darn good! Happy holidays!

  2. I love my engagement ring so no need to upgrade to something bigger even if we win lotto... but I love my kitchen gadgets - just so glad hubby finally understands that I'm telling the truth when I say I don't want jewellery - I think he used to think it was a trick game!! :)

    Now that you mention it - we don't have room for a mixer either... don't know where I'm going to put it!! :) lol

  3. My set of Wustof knives are my besty in the kitchen. It really makes cooking (even more) pleasurable to use great knives.

    I really want a red kitchenaid too! Maybe next year. Have fun with yours :)

  4. That is true kitchen porn. Love it! Your husband is a keeper.

  5. My love is the very thing that you are lusting after. I would be lost without my big shiny red KitchenAid, oh how I love it!!