17 January 2010

Long awaited Summer Figs... And then there were 5.

My husband always says to me “It’s creepy how well you and my mother get along”. And I guess he’s right. Poor boy -  he does actually worry that if we ever get divorced, his mother might choose to keep me over him…

After keeping my eyes peeled all season for Figs and despite hearing (unconfirmed) rumours of them being in Coles – I was yet to actually lay my hands on any. So when we were sauntering through the Powerhouse Markets I saw a whole Fig Stand - A WHOLE FIG STAND!! - and like a scene out of Wylie Coyote with the spinning legs and cloud of dust – I battled my way through the Yummy Mummy’s and their 3 wheeled Super Prams and I was first in line!

I picked out 6 of the most gorgeous, ripe and absolutely delicious looking figs – all a bargain for a measly $5. I was so delirious with excitement about my purchase, I did a happy dance right in the middle of the crowd.

So you can imagine my horror, when my darling Mother-in-Law offered to carry them for me, and to hold them for me in the car. And then – out of nowhere… SQUOOSH.

She stood on them.

On my perfect, unblemished, perfectly in season Figs. She stood on them. *Oh the humanity*

But all was not lost – 2 were dinted and one looks like it fell out of the Ugly Tree. But ugly fruit still makes nice desserts – thank goodness.

So what did I make?

Grilled Figs with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.
Cut in half, sprinkled with sugar and blasted under the hottest heat my crappy little oven could produce. The figs caramelised while the escaping juices made the most divine pink, caramel sauce. I would have preferred Vanilla Bean ice cream – but this isn’t a perfect world – and with figs that good. You can make allowances for the wrong flavour of ice cream.

The second night – after fantasizing about a Fig and Berry Crumble all day long, it wasn’t until 8pm that I realised I didn’t actually have the ingredients to make Crumble. (What a novice!)

But I did have Puff Pastry – so I made a Cheats version of Tarte Tatin or maybe a Galette?

Puff Pastry brushed with a little butter and layered with sliced figs and a sprinkle of sugar. That was it. Cooked in the oven for 20 mins at 180C – it’s a testament to just how good fruit can be when it’s in season and fresh from the Farm. Served with fresh cream, it was divine.

So tell me dear Reader, what is your favourite fruit of the season? And have you been unlucky enough for someone to nearly steal it from you?


  1. Figs are a definite favourite - and if anyone tried to step on them - watch out! By the way, your tart looks delicious!

  2. This is your favourite mother-in-law...I've just picked myself of the floor and regained my composure to respond. My foot was oblivious to what it was doing to the delicate fruit in the darkness of the floor. I could feel a wetness between my toes but I thought it was my perspiration "it was a hot day". Then I moved my foot again and that’s when the second one was squashed and the penny dropped. Sorry! a batch of shortbread coming as a peace offering xxxxxx.

  3. Hehe that's so funny about you and your MIL! My husband would be similarly concerned I think! :P I would have had the very same reaction if someone stepped on my figs. I adore them and once we bought a whole tray and gorged ourselves on them. O happy day! I think you did your 6 figs absolute justice with these recipes :)

  4. I can feel your dance. Just wish I had been dancing alongside you. Sigh. Great to see someone else so impassioned by beautiful food.

  5. Lol - I am such a bad dancer too!! Have you ever done an excited happy dance and then suddenly realised you were in public? Then tried to make it look like you were batting off a bee or something?? LOL - thats what I looked like! :)