04 December 2012

Starbucks and the Attack of the Bogan Australian Accent...

I will admit – despite their Apple’esque attempts to take over the world – I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Starbucks…

One of the biggest adjustments for me moving to Canada, has been my caffeine addiction. Coffee is different here. Canadians love their filtered coffee and creamers… I just can’t get the taste for it. But even Canadian cappuccinos taste different… I’m not sure if it is the beans, the milk or just the baristas… but it’s different.

Starbucks makes the closest thing to Australian Coffee that I’ve found so far.

So my love affair with them has grown exponentially. And since putting down roots in Airdrie – just north of Calgary where we have had major snowfalls and several -15C days… the fact that they also do drive through… uh huh, you heard me right – DRIVE THROUGH coffee…  I’m just about ready to name my second born child after them.

There have been so many things I’ve been looking forward to eating since we arrived. One of them was a bearclaw… and they sell them at Starbucks!

Bearclaws are delicious warm Danish pastries with a poppyseed filling and a sugar glaze, shaped into some Pastry Chef’s imagination of what a bear claw would look like. 

Although I really like (read: lurve...) eating them – I hate ordering them. It really is attack of the bogan Australian accent.

Me: “Could I have a bearclaw please”
Starbucks: “A bagel – sure”
Me: “No, not a bagel – a bearclaw” (pointing clearly at my desired pastry)
Starbucks: “Ya, you can have a bagel”
Me: “NO. NOT. THE. BAGEL. THE BAAARE CLAAAW (pointing frantically at the bearclaw which incidentally is on the opposite side of the cabinet to the bagels)
Starbucks: “ohhhh… you mean the bearclaw?”

I have no idea what I sound like to Canadians… but events like this make me very self conscious that I sound like a complete moron.

Note to self: Call Canadian friends at home and ask them what we sound like. Be prepared for the worst.

And this could just be a "Canadian" thing... but Starbucks are just so freaking friendly here. 

Hubby went through the drive through yesterday only to find out that their card machines were all down - seeing as we have Drive Through Banks here as well... yup... he told the Barista he'd just be 5 mins while he went to go get some cash.

"Don't you worry about it sweetheart - these are on the house - you have yourself a lovely day".

Wow. Since when does a Franchise the size of Starbucks do something nice for the humble customer?? Love it!

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