28 December 2012

The Rocky Mountain Resort Banff and my lack of coordination...

For people who know me – I am about as uncoordinated as they come. In fact, if I haven't spoken to my Dad for a while, one of the first questions he will ask me is "Had any good stacks lately?"

If there is a single pothole, wayward stick or slightly non-flat surface  – I will find it – and I will take a monumental, highly embarrassing and usually painful fall.

The funniest part about this is that I actually used to be an athlete of sorts. I rowed competitively as a teenager and even made it to Nationals – however, the irony is not lost on me, that this was a sport conducted almost entirely while sitting…

Anyway – while we were in Banff – or what we fondly now call “Australia Town”, we decided to turn our day trip into an overnighter.

While checking out Mooseprint – easily one of the coolest Bookstores I’ve ever been to – we met Andrew (yup, an Aussie) and he recommended The Rocky Mountain Resort.

True to form – after making a new friend, chatting between customers and herding Poppy around his shop like a greased up cat – I made my mark by tripping over the welcome mat, crashing into the door and skinning both my knees. I’m pretty sure he’ll remember me for a while to come... I hope not too many of his customers leave their DNA all over his front doorstep.

But his Hotel recommendation was spot on. We didn’t want fancy – just comfortable, affordable and a decent location to try and spot some wildlife.

For $100+ taxes we got a standard suite with 2 Queen Beds, a good sized bathroom, kitchenette AND a fireplace!! Yes, we're still loving the novelty of the fireplace!

The best part about this place was the staff. No charge to fill and heat Poppy's bottle, a booklet of discount coupons for local attractions and restaurants and a list of things to see and do while we were here.

The absolute best part about our stay here - on arrival we dropped everything off in our room including Laptop and Ipad - and came back hours later to realise (stupidly!) that we hadn't closed our door properly... it was wide open and EVERYTHING was still there.

10 points for stealing any of our stuff Banff! 

208 Buffalo Street

1029 Banff Avenue

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