16 January 2013

Taj Indian Airdrie - Comfort Food at its Finest.

In the middle of the night – your imagination can be a powerful thing.

We are currently trapped in a living hell, known only as non-insulated Apartment Living.
I’ve lived in Apartments before and it’s run the gauntlet between “fine” and “am I willing to lose my bond and abscond in the middle of the night”.

In my minds eye, I imagine my upstairs neighbour to be a 300kg Driller who wears his work boots inside and is as nimble as a 3 legged elephant. The fact that he also likes to throw heavy, squeaky toys to his infrequently manicured, and easily excitable, manic dog – does not endear him to me either.

That he is a night owl, who likes to pace his bedroom (also above my bedroom) has been enough for me to take him off the Christmas Card list.

But it’s his love of bad death metal rock, and his tone deaf attempts to replicate it on his electric guitar – complete with amps! – that really has me grinding my teeth.

I am a patient person (sometimes), I could even be described as peace loving. But if you want to see my shackles go up, and my inner warrior emerge – wake up my non-sleeping baby and see how well you fare.

But with the news that we have a new apartment to move into… not soon enough, but soon… the only thing we have left to cling to – is emotional, comfort eating.

Enter Taj Indian. I have always found Indian food comforting. Whether it’s the spices, or the heat – or the pure tactile pleasure of dipping naan into sauce… it soothes my soul.

So after seeing a great write up about Taj in our local magazine – we decided to give it a go.
It was everything we needed it to be. Flavourful, tangy and yet creamy Butter Chicken, with buttered white rice, fluffy Garlic Naans and Pappadams. I am a purist when it comes to Pappadams – I don’t like the ones with the caraway seeds – but that is pure personal preference, and overlooking that – they were still excellent quality and worth fighting over.

Service was fast and friendly, and lucky for us – only a few minutes drive from our little slice of hell. Bring on the comfort food!

Taj Indian
3 Stonegate Drive

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