04 January 2013

The Avenue Cupcakery...

Along with our new start in Canada are a lot of new experiences. 

We’ve downgraded from a 4 bedroom house with a yard, to a 2 bedroom apartment with an icicle ridden balcony. We’re getting by on one car instead of two. And we’re learning how to navigate a completely different climate.

A few pointers for those of you “Tropical” people thinking of relocating to the colder side of life.

1.  A Chinook is not just a helicopter. It is also a weather pattern that makes the Albertan temperatures fluctuate wildly from -35C to 5C overnight. And vice versa.

2.  A $20 Kmart Pram was never designed to tackle 6 inches of snow and sludge so you should be prepared to abandon it by the side of the road when the wheels eventually fall off.

3.  No matter how bad your cabin fever. It is rarely a good idea to bundle your toddler up for a “road trip” in said pram, frigid Chinook wind and icy roads.

Cupcake hunting with The Poptart
Luckily for me, I only fell over once, and much to Poppy's amusement, the pram remained upright. Canadians are very chivalrous to pedestrians in general – but especially to those with cheap and nasty prams. They gave me free rein to cross the road at will. And last but not least – the road trip to Cupcake heaven was absolutely worth it.

To hear the locals gossip about it – The Avenue Cupcakery is the best Cupcake Shop in town. Hands down.

And I would have to agree.

Determined to make the trip (and getting dressed in 19 layers) worth it – we stocked up on goodies – with the full intention of sharing them with hubby when he finally made it home. 

He didn’t get a look in, but I’ve promised to talk him back any time he has a sweet craving.

Chocolate Mousse filled Chocolate Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake
The best of our selection was the Chocolate Mousse filled Chocolate Cupcake and the Snickerdoodle. The Cupcake was self explanatory – the only thing better than something chocolate - is something chocolate stuffed with more chocolate. You’ve got a winning recipe right there!

Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Macaroon
The Snickerdoodle? Imagine a doughnut reincarnated as a cookie. Absolutely delicious. Thank god I only bought one. I would have had no self control with these in the house.

We also got a Red Velvet Cupcake – lovely, but red cake just can’t compete with chocolate in my mind. The Chocolate Macaroon was my least favourite - but only because everything else was so amazing. Hardly a negative is it?

We'll be back for sure - but next time we'll take the car.

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