26 February 2013

5 Guys Burgers - the savior of the sleep deprived...

This is my life right now.

It has been 12 days now – or should I say nights – since Poppy last slept. So I’m a bit knackered. 

Dinner has become a blur of microwaved delights, all created while being bashed with an Elmo doll, stepping over the minefield full blown tantrums and trying not to become the mother that locks herself in the hall closet just to eat a biscuit and pretend my life isn’t falling down around my ears.

My daughter doesn’t sleep. She’s never been a good sleeper. Even during that mystical newborn phase where apparently all they do is sleep 23 hours a day. Nope. Not even then.

Now though, she is almost 2.

That is almost 2 years without sleep.

I’ve given up trying to find excuses, reasons and magical cures. 

I think I just need to accept it. During the day I am quite philosophical about it… during the night however it takes all my willpower not to sit in the corner and repeatedly bash my head into the wall wondering what the hell I did in my last life to deserve this. 

All I can say is – lucky she’s cute. 

The cheeky smiles don’t make up for exhaustion, but they do give you just that tiny bit more energy to hope that tonight… tonight she might sleep.

Whatever. I'm clearly delusional.

So while she was at Daycare, hubby took me for an old fashioned Burger date. And we’ve discovered that apparently the local’s favorite burger place here is Five Guys Burgers.

 I have to say I really liked it. They shop itself is very industrial – white walls, high ceilings and exposed pipes – but the service was genuinely friendly and I loved the way they yelled the orders from the front counter to the grill. Although hardly theatrical, it did add a nice element of fun to the occasion.

I got my hamburger with the lot – pickles, grilled onions, all the sauces. The Lot. I like a burger that squishes and all those burger-y juices that run happily down your arm. This definitely ticked the box. My burger was tasty, juicy and nicely put together. Win.

Hubby got the Double Cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms and onions. And loved it. We decided on the 5 Guys fries and the serving was MASSIVE. I found them a little plain – but next time we’ll try the Cajun version.

These are not Gourmet burgers on any special, fancy breads or foodie style condiments – but they are a good, honest, quality burger. It didn’t cure me of my sleep deprivation, but it did give me a bit of pep to get through the rest of the day. 

And there were no dishes. Perfect! 

Now to sneak home for a nap...

5 Guys Burgers and Fries
130 Sierra Springs Drive 
Airdrie, AB
Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon

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