26 February 2014

Save an Aussie Farmer, one grocery shop at a time.

You would have to be living under a rock at the moment to not know that our country is in drought. Possibly the worst drought we have ever experienced.

Last month, a QLD farmer made news headlines – by shooting the last of his 400 cattle and then turning the gun on himself. 

I didn’t know this man but he haunts me daily. He is there is all my quiet moments.

Why? Because as an overthinker, I can empathise. 

He had 400 cattle left. He held out for as long as he could. One more day… one more day…  waiting for rain. For rain that never came. Then, he made the gut wrenching, life changing decision to give it all up and send them to market. I can only imagine the stress he experienced at just making that decision.

And then to be told that he was too late. The cattle were too far gone, too emaciated to be loaded for market. Can you even imagine? The rock that must have avalanched in his chest when he realised that he waited too long.

That he put too much hope in rain clouds. That with no rain on the horizon and no money to buy food or water – the only option left was to put them out of their misery.

I imagine that he was a good man. 

That he used a steady hand and a quiet word for each of them, as our hot, dry country broke him beyond repair. 

This man haunts me – not because of what he did, but for what he endured, and for what our farmers are still enduring.

It is still not raining. There is still no rain on the radar, and our farmers are no doubt sitting around their kitchen tables tonight – hopefully with family, and not alone – making their action plans.

So if you are like me, if you feel overwhelmed by the tragedy that is happening and you want to help –  the amazing news is that you can.

1.       Buy Australian Made. Buy from Farmers Markets if you can, or consider getting home delivery from a company like Aussie Farmers Direct if you can't.

2.       Buy Branded Milk – not supermarket generic and know that your milk money is going to Farmers who are being fairly paid.

3.       Buy meat from your local butcher. Farmers are selling cattle for as low as $0.08c a kilo and yet we are still paying $20kg+ at the supermarket. Our farmers are being screwed. We are being screwed and the Supermarkets are laughing all the way to the bank.

4.       Make a donation to Aussie Helpers. You can literally choose how you want to help – from a bale of hay to a litre of diesel or even a gift card for groceries - and it goes direct to those who need it most. You can even follow them on Facebook to see it all delivered!

As foodies, we have all been part of the movement that has created an ethical food campaign – we have embraced free range eggs, organic pork and vegetables that have traveled less than 100km – but we have forgotten the Farmer. 

We need to be as ethical with our food dollars as we are with our food choices. We can each make a difference, one grocery shop at a time.

Please help make a difference.


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  1. Thank you for your kind support from the Aussie Helpers Team! http://aussiehelpers.org.au/donations/ :)