04 November 2009

Ciccio's Pasta Bar

We lived in the Valley for a couple of years and funnily enough, never actually ate here until we moved out to the ‘burbs. They are one of hubby’s customers so we get really well looked after – but we’ve recommended a lot of friends here and they have all been suitably impressed. It’s a little Italian Restaurant opposite Ecco in the Industrial part of the city, just down from the Marriott.

They have paper tablecloths and crayons to amuse yourself while you wait for your food. (And funnily enough it's always the big kids who like the crayons more than the littlies!).

The pastas are fantastic – super generous serves with quality pastas and sauces – it’s a mix and match, you choose what pasta with which sauce. Garlic pizza breads are wonderfully crisp and topped with gooey cheese. Pizzas also share the love, super fresh toppings with crisp bases and no sogginess in sight! If you have room - try the meatballs as a starter (they are a tapas item) - they are mouthwateringly good... a secret blend of Pork, Veal and Beef mince with selected herbs and spices in a rich tomato sauce... just a shame you can't have them as a Main Course!

I'm a firm beleiver in staying true to the menu - if you go to an Italian Restaurant you should order something Italian, not a peice of steak or similar. But obviously not everyone agrees with me - and Ciccio's caters to this crowd as well having a selection of salads, Chickens and Steaks.

The prices are very pocket friendly - especially considering their city locations - they are a little bit of the way - but definately worth the walk.

Although not something they brag about - one of the co-owners used to be a brilliant barman - so if you ask, prepare to be dazzled by some amazing cocktails. They have a pretty special wine list and although I haven't been yet - I've heard their new wine bar that they've opened downstairs is pretty exciting... must be time for our next visit!

Verdict: Great night out for cheap but great quality Italian food. It’s casual enough that you're allowed to draw on the tables, but the food is good enough to take a date there! They also do takeaway for all the savvy locals and seem to be a favourite amongst late finishing Hospitality staff.

My Reccommendations: I love the Fettucine Carbonara or the Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza, the meatballs are to die for and you may not want to share...

Ciccio's Pasta Bar
471 Adelaide Street
(opposite Ecco)
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