04 November 2009

Luv a coffee - but beware the Pensioners

This little coffee shop is tucked away in the same complex that Hubby works at – and to see it, it doesn’t look like anything special but the coffee is amazing. As a treat – I love a Skinny Mocha with Marshmallows and you’d be surprised how many places can’t make it… it’s either too milky, too chocolatey, the marshmallows don’t melt or you can’t taste the coffee at all. Imagine my shock when I find this out of the way little place that makes it perfectly. I haven’t eaten here yet – but if the coffee is anything to go on, I’m sure its fantastic.

On a side note, this area and this complex in particular seem to be a favourite with the oldies - and there seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that "Age has right of way". I have lost count of the number of times that hubby and I have lined up to order coffee here only to have some sweet old lady push in front and smile innocently at us... Weird, but funny and obviously - some of them are running out of time - who cares if they get their coffee first? :)

Verdict: Awesome coffee and worth the detour if you’re in the area.

My Recommendations: Skinny Mocha with Marshmallows. Thick, rich and creamy while still getting the necessary caffeine hit.

Luv a Coffee
Coles Complex
767 Stafford Road
Everton Park

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  1. There's a great Luv-a-coffee in Emerald but the food is extremely expensive! Not sure if it's the same at yours. I agree with the great coffee verdict though.