24 November 2009

If you can't handle the heat in the kitchen... turn on the Airconditioning.

It has been so hot in Brisbane lately, and I hate being hot. So when hubby brought home chicken and curry sauce for dinner the other night – I thought he had gone nuts. Seeing as there wasn’t anything else in the fridge – there were no other options, so we cooked and ate and sweated our way through boring Chicken Massaman. Urgh. Even with the air conditioning pumping like a Boeing 747 – I was miserable.

So last night, I decided on a summer favourite – Quiche. It’s the perfect dish as it tastes just as good hot as it does cold. It can be sexed up for a party or dressed down for a picnic – and more than anything, it requires minimum effort in front of the stove on a hot summer night. *cheering*

I’ve made quiche so many times now that I no longer use a recipe – I even cheat and use store bought Puff Pastry, and the ingredients are nothing more than a reflection on the contents of my fridge. I am seriously in love with Nigella Lawson, so have taken her tips to heart and there is always diced bacon in my freezer, a red onion lurking somewhere – and because I’m my Father’s Daughter – a pot of cream and eggs in the fridge. All the staples you need really!


2 sheets Puff Pastry (1 to line the quiche dish, and the other to cut strips to give it nice high sides)
1 Red Onion
4 Rashers of Shortcut Bacon
4 Eggs
200ml Cream
Handful of Tasty Cheese
Fresh chopped Chives
Salt and Pepper to taste

I like to fry my onions and bacon, then spoon into the bottom of my quiche dish. Sprinkle with a little cheese. Season with Chives, Salt and Pepper.

Lightly whip the eggs and cream and then pour over the bacon and onion. Sprinkle with more cheese to taste.

Bake at 180C for 30-40 mins depending on depth of dish. Allow to rest for 15 mins before cutting into generous wedges.

* Other ingredients that go wonderfully in quiche: Asparagus, Mushrooms, Garden Herbs, Smoked Salmon, shredded roast Chicken, Chargrilled Capsicum... the list is endless!

I serve mine with a nice garden salad, but on this occasion I had some gorgeous Truss Cherry Tomatoes that I roasted with some olive oil, fresh basil leaves, rock salt and pepper.

ubby always takes the leftovers to work for lunch the next day – so this time I proactively made more than normal - and in cute little "Take away" sizes.

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