23 November 2009

My Sweetopia... My Utopia.

So a Journo, a Shrink and a Sales Rep walk out of a Sushi Bar... and straight into a Cupcake shop! Obviously I was lying about how full we were when we left Ginga... or else my Dad was on to something when he told me that we had a regular stomach and a dessert stomach...

The Journo's Mum has visited quite a lot this year - and one of their mother-daughter bonding experiences has been working their way through Brisbane's cupcake scene, so when the Journo says that "THIS is the best cupcake shop in Brisbane" - you kind of have to believe her. I mean, she has infiltrated EVERY cupcakery here... the only person more qualified than her - would have to Kerry from
Eat, Drink and Be Kerry.

So I took up the challenge - and I say that like I needed convincing - I didn't. I practically ran across 2 lanes of traffic and a roundabout to get there - I mean, what if they closed EARLY???

But they didn't - although it was early afternoon and the selection was severely dimished, and I settled happily on a White Chocolate Cupcake with White Chocolate Frosting, torn between it and the same Cupcake but with Passionfruit Frosting.

My Sweetopia

The Shrink got the Espresso Mud and Journo - feeling the effects of the night before - couldn't go past a triple shot, extra hot, Soy Latte in the biggest cup they had. I would laugh at her - but she's done her stint at Starbucks - she can order whatever the hell she wants!

Pairing my cupcake with a Skinny Mocha was the best decision I made all day... no, make that all week. The coffee was divine - perfectly chocolately while still giving me the caffeine kick I needed. Smooth and velvety - it was Edward Cullen in a cup. And the cupcake? Well the Journo got it perfectly right. Her fact checking was spot on. My cupcake was s-u-b-l-i-m-e. My saliva glands have kicked in just remembering it while I type. It had the intense flavour of a mud cake, but was fluffy and moist. The frosting was pure buttercream goodness and not a grain of sugar to be found. I don't actually think they make clouds that fluffy.

The Shrink delcared hers perfection - although we had to wait until she was finished before we got that verdict. She was far too busy inhaling her cakey dream to pay us any attention - and really, after sampling those cupcakes... who could blame her?

The Verdict: I've got a few more places to check out - but as it stands. This place, is without a doubt - the best cupcake place in Brisbane.

My Recommendations: The White Chocolate Cupcake, hands down. Although next time I have my eye on the Rosewater and the Neopolitan. And then... every other cupcake they have in stock.

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