05 November 2009

Stamford Plaza - My, how posh we are...

After a fairly successful run at work, my boss was good enough to shout my Hubby and I to a night away and dinner to celebrate.

He recommended the Stamford Plaza Brisbane and Siggi's and while I was happy to take him up on the offer of the Hotel, Siggi'sisn't really our style and we'd only recently been talking about how much we would like to try the Teppanyaki at Kabuki.

So we booked in for a Deluxe Room, I got there first and checked in and was surprisingly presented with 2 free drink vochers by the super-perky receptionist. "So far, so good" I thought smugly. And the smugness continued through the luxurious lobby, all the way to our room on carpet so plush I thought I might trip a couple of times and right into our elegantly furnished room on the 12th floor which had spectacular River and Story Bridge views. *wow*

The next thing I know, there's a phone call from Reception asking if I "was expecting a guest?" - uh, yes - my husband. Eventually, there's a knock at the door and hubby arrives red faced and annoyed. Apparently when he pulled into the entrance, the concierge looked him up and down (he was still in his work clothes) and curtly directed him to the Service Entrance. When hubby tried to explain that he was a Guest and I had already checked in, the Concierge again looked him up and down, grunted and pointed him towards Reception where the same act was repeated by the Receptionist. Hmmm...

We tried to put that behind us, got all glammed up and hit the bar to redeem our drinks vouchers and head out to dinner.

After dinner, we took a dip in the gorgeous pool enjoying the city lights and giggling like school kids at the old nannas sneaking a perve behind a partially closed curtain.

All in all, it was a wonderful stay. The room was spacious and elegant with its muted furnishings. The view was spectacular, and would be a room of choice for Riverfire and I loved the Aveda amenities. They were even generous enough to provide a welcome package of bottled water and Byron Bay Cookies - a nice touch.

The Verdict: A gorgeous Hotel but I thought the "turning up of the noses" was an old school British thing? Maybe we were just unlucky - but hubby learnt his lesson, he'll never again try to go somewhere nice in his work clothes!

My Recommendations: Request a high floor with River views, and definately book in for breakfast if not dinner. The Pavilion Bar downstairs is great - but very pricey, although we got our first drink for free - I'm sure we didn't get change from $20 for the next two (1 each).

Contact: Stamford Plaza Brisbane

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