05 November 2009

Kabuki - throw a prawn on the Barbie!

Whats not to like about Teppanyaki? It's dinner and theatre all in one go- with a side order of danger... well that might be overdoing it - unless you're wearing something expensive and don't have good hand-eye coordination...

We've eaten at Kabuki Kabuki twice now - first on the work expense card as a "Thank you" from my boss (Thanks Paulie!) and secondly as our Xmas gift to hubby's family. They're a hard lot to buy for - and all up there's 10 of us in total - so we've started giving "experiences" for Xmas. It makes it easy - we pick something, buy 10 gift vouchers and we all go out together. Surely that's the spirit of Christmas personified, no?

So anyway... after a fantastic trial run at Kabukiwe splashed out and got the family gift vouchers for dinner and booked in for a night for fun and fabulous food.

Being Christmas (well not really, it was several months later - this family has no concept of time and it took us a while to organise) we felt festive and all decided on the most expensive set menu, RAN for $98.50 per person. We happily ooh'ed and ahh'ed our way through the menu - we had one of the younger Chef's who quite happily performed like a rockstar with BBQ tongs - I think we did wonders for his ego! And everything was going swimmingly well until the part where they make the omelette and the fried rice...

My Sister-in-Law is usually quite dexterous so I was surprised when she missed the egg. But like a trooper she carried on, big smile on her face while the Chef finished the rice. Then when the rice came to be thrown, she missed that too... strange we thought... but we were pretty easily distracted by the food.

Then - when everyone had their bowls of rice and was happily snarfing away, she politely excused herself to the bathroom. Only later, when we were leaving the Restaurant did she tell us that when she missed the egg, it broke on the bowl went down her top and then down the front of her skirt. She didn't want to make a scene, but when she missed the rice - the rice was then also stuck all down the front of her top and glued there by the egg... She had no choice but the barricade the bathroom door shut, strip off and have a quick makeshift shower in the sink!

Asides from the comedic interlude to the evening, the food was fantastic - in essence, it's very simple, good quality food cooked quickly on a super-hot BBQ plate with a few select seasonings. It really does show that it is the quality of the food which is the star. I would happily go back in a heartbeat - while the food was amazing, it really is the production and star qualities of the Chefs which make it so memorable. Without all the hype - there's no way I would have tried grilled prawn heads... but I did... and I loved it!

The Verdict: Brilliant but expensive, best with a group but we had a great time when we were at a table full of strangers. You HAVE to try the prawn heads!

My recommendation: Go for the most expensive set meal you can afford - that way you get to try as much as possible. The quality of the food is amazing, and you'll be stunned by how flavoursome it is for such simple cooking. Definately give the Green Tea ice cream a go if you haven't already - it's the perfect end to the meal.

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