04 November 2009

Thai Mountain - Conquering Bad Taste in the 'Burbs

So I just had a big whinge about how crap the gourmet offerings are here out in the Western Suburbs? Well, I’m not going to take it back just because one great Thai Restaurant and one decent Pizza joint don’t make everything okay, but it’s a start.

I’ll admit that I’ve never been to Asia – I don’t like the heat, and I’m 6 feet tall – I really prefer anonymity over standing out like a sore thumb – but I have eaten at enough “China Towns”, “Little Vietnams” and “Little Tokyos” to have an idea of what semi-authentic Asian offerings should taste like.

Most of the Thai takeaways I have had in Australia have been pretty dismal, a poor replica of what the dishes should actually taste like and I’m not 100% sure if this is because they have tailored it to the Australian taste buds or if the people who are cooking it aren’t actually Chefs?

Anyway – Thai Mountain in Jindalee is a wonderful and unexpected oasis of flavour… the curries are actually definitively different, you can taste the homemade sauces full of intricate flavourings and I love that they use ingredients not readily available in supermarkets or frozen. (Bamboo shoots, baby eggplant, baby zucchini etc).

 It is expensive, a dinner for the 2 of us is usually at least $50 but it is well worth it and what we call “Posh Takeaway” – this isn’t where you go for a drunken takeaway – it’s much too good for that. This is more romantic takeaway offerings where you splash out on a decent bottle of wine or at least light a candle. (You have to make an effort every now and then).

Verdict: Definatley the best Thai in the Western Suburbs – and easily the best I’ve had in Brisbane. Pricey – but worth it.

My Reccommendations: Green Curry Prawns, Yellow Curry Chicken and Beef Rendang. Spring rolls are a must – not because they are any better than anywhere else, but what is Thai Takeaway without spring rolls? Pad thai is exxxxxcellent - but I feel guilty ordering it after "Today Tonight" voted it the most unhealthy takeaway item possible... (Damn you Tracey Grimshaw!!)

Thai Mountain
Shop 8 / 21 Goggs Rd

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  1. Agreed with your comments! I stay in the western suburbs when visiting Brisbane, and most of the food is pretty bad. Thai Mountain is still ok. The Thai Orchid on Dandenong Road used to be quite good, until it was taken over by an ethnic Chinese early last year, and the food was terrible. Most food south of St Lucia is not great. Love your blog!