04 November 2009

Vespa Pizza - Be still my revving heart!

It seems like such a simple thing... but it's obviously not - why else would there be so many bad pizza places in Brisbane? Thankfully, Vespa Pizza
has standards... and damn high ones at that!

I won't lie to you - it can be expensive, and depending on your level of hunger - you can easily eat a whole one yourself. But if you subscribe to the theory that "you get what you pay for" - then you will be a loyal Vespa customer just like me!

Is it the super crisp bases, wood fired and slightly charred on the bottom that has me hooked? Could it be the sublime ingredients? Or could it be that these guys actually KNOW how to make a pizza so good it gives me happy goosebumps? Check. Check. And Check.

My favourite here is the 9mm. I immediately thought of the gun reference and it had me intrigued - while it didn't taste like gunpowder, didn't have my mouth smoking and didn't cause any long lasting damage (all in a good way) - after the first bite, if I did own a gun, you can safely say that it would have been on the table as a warning that "I do not share". Usually I'm good at sharing... in fact I'm currently giving hubby lessons on sharing - but when it came to that Pizza - he didn't have a chance in hell of getting a bite! It was without a doubt the best Pepperoni and Olive pizza I have had outside of Italy!

Hubby had the "3 little Piggies" - and loved it. The Hippies had the "Cinnamon pumpkin with Chilli, Sage and Fetta" and there were no definitely no complaints - especially when the waiter offered them the gluten free option.

Verdict: This little Piggy went to Vespa and can't wait to go back!!

My Recommendations: I have tried almost all of the pizzas here, after your 2nd or 3rd visit you feel more inclined to share! The Bruschetta is divine and well worth ordering, even as a share plate.

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