21 December 2009

Mugshot Coffee - Awesome Coffee in Auchenflower

Monday's are my nemesis.

If ever there is a day where something, or everything, will go wrong - it is almost always a Monday. This is the day that my alarm clock doesn't go off, that all the towels are in the wash and when I forget to swap my Uggs for work shoes...

But today, everything ran smoothly and I was actually in the car and on track to get to work EARLY. Almost unheard of. So to reward myself for this little fluke of nature - I decided to finally treat myself and try the elusive coffee shop that I pass daily in peak hour traffic and wonder what it's like.

Mugshot Coffee - by the way that I travel - has to be one of the most inconveniently located coffee shops in Brisbane. On the corner of Milton Road and Ridley Streets in Auchenflower, you either have to park and walk, or attempt the trifecta of crossing 4 lanes of traffic, parking and then making it out again. But today - seeing as I was doing so well for time - I thought why not, lets mix it up a bit!

I'm happy to report that the coffee is great. It was great on every level to be honest. The coffee itself was nice and mellow, the milk not warm - but not scalding, and you could actually taste it. Always a positive!
Its always a relief to see the Barista making themselves a coffee (as I did this morning). Not all Barista's drink where they work you know... I also like the fact that they have a sense of humour. When I asked for a "large" - he asked me if I considered the biggest cup the large. which got me mildly excited that they had special, hidden, bigger cups for blatant caffeine addicts like myself. No, apparently not - he had just learnt the hard way that size is a matter of perception.
I had to choke back a laugh when I saw that their Loyalty Program was called "Ugly Mug". Now that is what I call memorable!

While I waited for my coffee he suggested that if I didn't already have all my Xmas presents - he had a cacti breeding program out on the deck - thinking that he was joking - I stuck my head out to have a look... and yes, he really did.

So although I don't feel the need to get a cactus - I will definitely be going back for more coffee. Traffic permitting of course!
Mugshot Coffee
Cnr Milton Road and Ridley Street

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  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    You can get the same coffee from a mugshots cart located in Bardon adjacent to Brumbys