23 December 2009

The Oaks Sydney - I love you. Thats all I have to say.

Peking Duck Sausage Pizza with Hoisin Sauce and Julienne Cucumber

I've had many a night out where the company has been fabulous but the food has completely failed to hit the mark. So it was an odd occasion the other night, while in Sydney for a work conference - to have the people we were eating with ruin my night.

Maybe I'm just a spoilt brat. I lived overseas when the UK brought in it's no-smoking policy and arrived back home to Brisbane just in time for QLD to launch ours. So it was with complete horror that I sat down to dinner and watched 2 girls happily light up cigarettes over our Gourmet Pizzas.

I was completely gobsmacked - and to be honest, maybe this has more to do with their phenomenal lack of manners, and less to do with the NSW Smoking Laws, but I was disgusted either way.
So completely ignoring the fact that I was wheezing my way through dinner and keeping eagle eyes peeled to make sure no ash made an appearance on my slice - I absolutely loved it.
Spicy Sausage Pizza with Capsicum Marmalade and Pearl Onions

The Pizzas were fantastic! Without a doubt, they were the best Pizzas I have ever had. The crust was crunchy and chewy in all the right places. The toppings were interesting and well matched and the quantities generous.
I am seriously in love with you Oaks Hotel and I will be bringing hubby back here. Even if it means a trip solely to come here... and Rockpool Bar & Grill of course!

Smoked Salmon Pizza with Spanish Onions, Creme Fraiche and Rocket

Considering the ample size of this Beer Garden and the fact that there are so many Bars, Dining Outlets and even BBQ's for you to cook your own steak - the service was pretty good. It wasn't brilliant - but to be honest, you don't really expect brilliant. It's a Pub - and for a Pub, it was pretty damn good.

Verdict: What a great Pub! This gorgeous pub is keeping the "Beer Garden" dream alive and kicking. The things I didn't like were out of their control.. *cough, cough*

Recommendations: I LOVED the Spicy Sausage Pizza - I am not a fan of pickled onions but these slow roasted little beauties have convinced me to try them at home... Although we didn't have time on this trip - I hear that the Mussels are fantastic - so they are definitely on the "to do" list for next time.


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