13 December 2009

Onyx Bar and Restaurant - Cocktails, Tapas and Girl Talk...

I'm always a bit nervous taking people somewhere I love. What if they don't like it? What if the staff are having a bad day and ruin your night? Or what if the food - that is normally awesome - is suddenly crap?

I didn't have any genuine concerns when I met the Journo and the Shrink at Onyx but it's still just a little bit nerve racking. As always - and I have lost count of how many times I have been here - Onyx delivered. I'm not quite sure what it is I like about this place. They just seem to get it right, every single time. And consistency in itself is a damn fine trait to have.

It's on Park Road, which is really convenient for all of us. It's gorgeous, open air Bistro style that really takes advantage of Brisbane's perfect weather. The staff are that great mix of Knowledge, Passion and Instinct - they know when to swoop in and offer more drinks - and to slink off when the girl talk gets personal. I love that they can tread that line between being available, and being intrusive - thats more than Customer Service - that's pure brilliance!

On this occasion, we were celebrating the Journo's birthday so that meant cocktails and lots of them... and tapas to help soak it up! Starting with generous Mojito's and followed by a Flirtini - it was compliments all round to the bartender.

Marinated Chicken Drumettes with Japanese Mayonnaise
Salt and Pepper Softshell Crab, Nuoc Cham Sauce
Thai Fishcakes with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
Duck Leg, Spring Onion and Cucumber in Herb Crepe

All delicious and very moreish... but we were girls drinking cocktails... so we succumbed to the carbs! *Cue Guilt Trip*

Super crispy Beer Battered Fries with Aioli and Bread with Warmed Olives and Homemade Hummus.... *drool*

The Verdict: The perfect meeting place for a nice drink and something to nibble on. They do 2 for 1 Tapas after 4 pm every day and drink specials on Friday nights. What more convincing do you need?

Recommendations: The Chips are phenomenal. But if you're after something a bit classier to go with your Sauvignon Blanc - we wished we'd ordered 5 more plates of the Duck Crepes and the Softshell Crab is as good, if not better, than that at Jellyfish Restaurant. The cocktails alone are well worth the visit.

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