12 December 2009

Poppy Cakes - Blissfully full fat

I love, love, love other people's birthdays! There is something so special about helping people you love celebrate special milestones in their lives and birthdays are one of the perfect examples.
Tomorrow is the Journo's birthday but TODAY is girlie celebration day. She is one of the hardest people to buy gifts for - but she is so easy to feed. So today we are off to Onyx for cocktails and tapas - and they have been kind enough to let me bring cupcakes. Because after all, it's not a birthday if there's no cake!

The Journo and her Mum have trialled most of the cupcake shops in Brisbane, but to be honest, I can't remember their verdict on Poppy Cakes but I have read good things about them, and (most importantly) I really wanted to try them - so I schlepped up there this morning and got a nice little selection to try.

The highlight of my cupcake buying expedition this morning was the Uber-Chic Glamazon ahead of me in the line who peered curiously into the cabinet before asking loudly "Excuse me - which of these is No-Fat?". I'm ashamed to say that I erupted in a big hiccupy laugh, as did the owner, before he politely told her that not one of these cupcakes was low fat, let alone no fat. Cue hair toss and glare as she stomped out of there in her 6 inch heels. Classic!

In the end I chose: Red Velvet, Choc Vanilla, Vanilla Passion, Choc Choc and Pink Vanilla.

I also chose a Lemon Poppy seed to try and am happy to report that I am completely in love. My cupcake was perfectly moist but crumbly, a high ratio of poppy seeds (though not as high as Mum's whose Poppy seed cake gives us hallucinogenic dreams!) and a tart, buttery icing. Pure Bliss. I hope the girls like them as much I did!

The Verdict: Very pretty, buttery cupcakes. The perfect addition to any celebration.

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  1. There is something soul satisfying about feeding someone a good meal. I hope Poppy Cake was everything that you hoped for-

  2. They were wonderful!! We all had something different but I think the favourite was the Red Velvet which none of us had ever tried - amazing, and so beautifully presented - we will definately be back for more! :)