06 January 2010

Christopher's Fine Food - Very Fine Indeed

While I don't like to brag (too much) - I have acquired a very well trained husband. (This is not to be confused with the rare breed of Perfect Husband - see: Onion Jam Post for details on where his shortcomings lay...)

I'm yet to have an opinion on whether my Mother-in-Law trained her husband, or whether he is naturally a bit of a Romantic - but I love that between the two of them they have raised a boy who randomly buys his wife flowers because "he loves her", cooks dinner "because it's his turn" and takes me out for dinner because he's decided that "It's Date Night".

I was reminded of this recently when we spontaneously decided to take MIL out for breakfast (She's a hairdresser and my hair was looking particularly "Side Show Bob"...) and found out that it was also her and FIL's 37th Wedding Anniversary. Too cute for words was the massive bunch of flowers he had run home during his coffee break and left in the kitchen with a note that said "Came home for a quick kiss".

So feeling celebratory - we decided to forgo the pedestrian Coffee Club and Toscani's in lieu of Christopher's Fine Foods. 37 years deserve something a little bit special, and for the South Side - Christopher's is the definition of special.

I had the Eggs Benedict - my SIL raves about it here - so I would be mad not to take her up on the recommendation! That being said - it was very nice. Not the best I have ever had - but pretty damn good! The sourdough bread was nicely toasted, fresh leg ham off the bone and perfectly poached eggs. Although I do like mine quite runny and these had just set. But all things considered, highly enjoyable. The Hollandaise sauce was nice and buttery and a little thin, but the right lemony flavours were all there - and thats what matters.

Hubby had the "Fluffy Omelette" - Mushrooms, Bacon, Eschallots and Cream Cheese - which he thoroughly enjoyed but wasn't a fan of the Cream Cheese - maybe its an acquired taste? But he was happy enough that it was in lumps so he just ate around it.

MIL had the "Healthy Breakfast" which looked divine! A large slice of Turkish Bread topped with fresh spinach, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and a fanned half avocado - the nicest looking "Healthy Start" I've ever seen. Most look skimpy on ingredients and you're still hungry when you finish - this was a vegetarian delight.

More than anything though - Christophers make a great coffee - and we should know. We inhaled the first ones. Ordered seconds and went back the next day for another. Serving Merlo coffee that was very competently made - it was a nice surprise find in Daisy Hill.

The Verdict: Easily one of the best meals I have had on the "South Side".

Recommendations: Breakfast was very nice, the coffee even more so. But MIL tells me that their dinner menu is just superb... will have to venture down there to try that next...

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  1. That's so sweet that your husband cooks and gives you flowers without prompting!! Do you run a husband training school? :)

  2. Lol!! Did you read the onion jam post below... There are some habits you probably don't want yours to pick up!! :)