03 November 2010

Kingsleys Blogger Dinner and The Re-Visit

I will admit that the first emotion I felt when I was invited to the Kingsleys Dinner – was fear.

I had written a not very flattering post about them late last year and secretly wondered if the dinner invitation was just a clever ruse and I would be unceremoniously kneecapped in the carpark.

But I shouldn’t have been so cynical – it was an amazing dinner – but as I said to my Mother-in-Law on the way in – it’s hard to judge a Restaurant at one of these dinners as they go "all out".

The food is sensational, the service perfect and everyone is on their best behavior. So while it’s great to get an insiders view of the Restaurant – I tend to reserve my judgment for when I go back as a paying customer.

A quick run down on the dinner?

It was great. No holds barred – the food was better than I could ever have expected.

The mixed entrée plate was absolutely divine, creative and perfectly executed.

The mid of Alaskan King Crab was gorgeous simplicity, served chilled with a fresh wedge of lemon and creamy aioli. As someone who has watched “Worlds Deadliest Catch” religiously – my love for those hardworking men has tripled now that I’ve tasted their dangerous wares.

It was a nice surprise to have the Head Chef come out a few times to explain the dishes he had chosen, and then again to display the cuts of beef we would be able to choose for our main. While some did complain that their Rump was a little chewy – my Eye Fillet was gorgeous and perfectly cooked.

The only downfall of the night – in my humble opinion – was the lack of dessert. With lovely cheese plates to share, along with one of the nicest Quince Pastes I had ever had (I’m suspecting the addition of strawberries…?) – it was a nice substitution, but I am a self confessed Dessert Junkie and I will admit to a massive disappointment.

So all in all – from where I sat, the dinner was a massive success. Belinda filled her role perfectly as the charming, knowledgeable and 'lover of details' Hostess – never before I have been greeted as “Joy! You have the Coelic Dog!”. Joey would have been proud that he made such an impact!!

So lets get down to the nitty gritty – the paid meal that MIL and I had on the weekend.

After the bloggers dinner – we had pretty much already decided that we would have the Alaskan King Crab again… but as is always the case, we ended up ordering much more. The entrée size Crab became a Main size, coupled with Crab Cakes, Beetroot and Feta Salad and Warm Ciabatta Bread. Oops...

Let's start with the bad. There were 2 faults with our lunch.

1. There wasn’t enough butter for the bread. Maybe for normal people – but not for two women – one who hails from Dairy Farmer ancestors and the other who is chanelling her inner French Woman.

2. We found out after we ordered that the entrée sized Crab claws come preopened – presumably by some wildly considerate Chef with an angle grinder. The Main Course version doesn’t. So unless you are happy to really get your hands dirty… I would recommend the entrée… but order 2 of them.

That was it.

The Crab was perfection – once we got it out of the shells anyway. After MIL proclaimed that she was having a “Food-Gasm” – we lost our poor, innocent Waiter who blushed so hard I thought his face might explode. (He was quickly replaced by a more worldly looking Waitress who took us in her stride.)

The Crab cakes were very generous on the crab, and also on the chilli, crunchy chunks of spring onion and a mouth watering panko crust. Delicious.

The Beetroot Salad was a winner at the Bloggers Dinner and again at our lunch. Thick wedges of sweet beetroot with Spinach and crumbled Feta it really did prove that simplicity is the best.

The service was great, the coffee strong and the chocolate covered coffee beans a nice treat.

To sum it up – MIL has since professed Kingsleys to be her new favourite Restaurant. So if you see a middle aged lady digging into Alaskan King Crab, consipiciously alone – please wave – it's probably my Mother in Law!


  1. Good to know. I have been calling Kingsleys Sizzler by the River ever since it opened. I should open my mind and go again.

    You have inspired me :)

  2. You're back Joy!! Glad to see that you are back blogging, and that you enjoyed Kingsleys!

  3. How GOOD was the crab *froths at mouth* Yeah I agree - cheese is awesome but I like my sweets too :)

  4. I agree.. Welcome back SIL! 'bout time. Xx

  5. just had the alaskan crab in sydney. was very good. would happily order again :-)

  6. I like bloggers that are fair in their reviews... yours was one of them. Will read your reviews more often! :)

  7. Great post today, loved the pictures, have made me really hungry.

  8. The Alaskan King Crab is the center of the attraction. Its color promises a delightful treat once tasted....

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