27 November 2012

I'm baaaaack.....

Thank god I’m not very imaginative with passwords otherwise I don’t know how I would ever have gotten back in to blogging!

I’ll admit - it’s been a while… longer than a while actually… it’s been closer to 2 years!! And I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! But I do know who stole it… meet my baby girl – the divine, crazy and completely adorable – Poppy Jane!


I don’t think I was deluded… probably naive in thinking that once I had a baby – life would continue on pretty much as normal… ok – so deluded probably is the best description for it!
I had these (yep - deluded!) images of a peaceful sleeping newborn, of blogging between feeds and nappies, of blissfully cooking away at the stove while she lay happily in a bouncer on the kitchen bench…  Think Nigella Lawson with a Baby Bjorn…

Well what an idiot I was. 

My beautiful daughter was (and still is!) many things – but peaceful and sleeping she was not. 

My life was absolutely turned upside down. 

(THANK GOD!) My incredible mother came to visit for a few days – to meet her first grandchild and “help us out” with a few things. It wasn’t entirely against her will, but we basically ended up locking her in the house for the next 6 weeks. And locking is not an exaggeration. I don’t think poor Mum got a single whiff of fresh air for the full six weeks she was on Poppy-duty.

We eventually allowed her to go home just so she could sleep, recharge and then come back… back to the hell of no sleep, banshee screaming and regular poo-nami’s.

But amongst all of that, and I'm not ashamed to admit it – we ate very well. Cooking was the only thing that calmed my frazzled nerves, that let me tune out of the wailing (mostly Poppy's - sometimes mine...) and the incessant voice in my head that kept reassuring me I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with this small, obviously unhappy human.

So while Poppy vented her blatant frustrations at me, I baked Triple Chocolate Cookies, simmered Pork Medallions in Dijon cream and nearly blew out my Caesarean stitches on Roasted Pumpkin Soup. 

I found my sanity in the pages of Donna Hay and Gourmet Traveller and in the rambling judgings of Masterchef. And through all of this – my baby girl became a foodie and we found our common ground. Although we still don’t sleep – the food more than makes up for it. 

So while I've got my husband home for a little while... and he's embracing 'Daddy Daycare' - I'm going to use my new found freedom to get back into blogging!


PS - Did I mention we're moving to Canada??


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  1. Hey - welcome back! Good reason for leaving - what a cutie!

    Food therapy brings mother and daughter together - there's a story in there!