30 November 2012

The buffalo wings stole my romance...

With the first leg of our journey over – Poppy seemed to be repentant for the 2 hour scream fest we endured midway from Sydney to Dallas. Just as the USA Immigration queue ground to a halt – she looked straight into the eyes of the heavily armed Customs guard and roared her little heart out.

Without skipping a beat, the one man militia reached for his handheld radio “We’re gonna have us a situation here – I’m pushing a group through the priority line”. And with that – he winked at Poppy and said “Y’all have a good day now”.

God bless cranky babies with impeccable timing!

So with fastlane clearance, a friendly smile and our first “y’all” under our belt – we scooted into Dallas Fort Worth Airport ravenous for a hearty all American Lunch to get us through the next 5 hours until our connecting flight to Calgary.

Sadly, although it lived up to the expectations of being much faster and friendlier (read: limited queues and no cavity searches) than LAX – Dallas is pretty barren in the shopping and eating department. We did 2 laps just to make sure – before settling for Bennigan’s Pub.

Although the menu was typical pub fare – we’d never eaten at an American Pub before so we ordered the “Classics” – BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and Buffalo Wings.

The Cheeseburger was amazing. If there is something to say about American’s – they sure know how to make a good burger! Fresh bun, tasty – seasoned and cooked medium burger, with gooey orange cheese and bacon that shattered in your mouth. Amazing. Yes – it was just a burger – but the combination of soft, savoury, crispy and gooey in every bite was just artery clogging perfection. Who knew the humble burger could be this good??

(I know we’ve just arrived, but I’m already planning my revisit here on the trip home – and fingers crossed it tastes just as good without the jetlag!)

We’ve since discovered that this is just the way Buffalo Wings are cooked here – the wings cooked separate and then the sauce poured over… while still tasty – it’s just different. The wings were delicious but much spicier than expected, and we ordered the mild ones!

Hubby – never one to shy away from some good finger licking pub food – pushed a generous serve (ie. more than my stringent "half") of the wings over to me, defeated!

“You don’t like them?” I asked.
“No… I like them – they’re good – but they are just spicy enough that I’m getting concerned about their re-entry…”

Urgh. Seriously? More than I ever needed to know about my husband. And we’ve shared a bathroom now for 7 years...

People wonder where the romance disappears to – well I think the Buffalo wings stole it.

Bennigan's DFW Airport 

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  1. Great entry, now I can't wait to hear what you're going to say about Earl's Girls! - Krisite