28 November 2012

The Aussies are moving to Canada...

For no particular reason, I’d always dreamed of living in Canada.

When I met and married my husband – he had the same dream. So when we had Poppy – it really seemed that it was now or never. I have always been so inspired by my own mum – who not only backpacked while pregnant with me, but travelled the world with me until I was 4 years old! I always felt that I was born to travel, and I loved the idea that I could pass that love onto Poppy

So we made the commitment. We went without new clothes and haircuts for 2 years. Our social life took a hammering and date night became a DVD and taco kit. We rented out our home, sold everything we owned and rehomed our pets. 

Canada here we come!

I know what you’re thinking – who uproots their life and moves away from a nice house, nice life, supportive families and secure jobs?? Crazy people! That’s who!

Who takes a high energy, no attention span and TV hating 18 month old child on a 38 hour, transatlantic journey? Crazy people!

But we had one saving grace – my 5 years of schlepping all over QLD earnt me enough Qantas Frequent Points to score an upgrade to Business Class. While the “experience” of it was definitely wasted on us – the French Champagne, 4 course dinner with Cheese Platters and Godiva Chocolates to finish… of a la carte snacks delivered to your pod… of high altitude cappuccino’s and rare ports and, not to forget – the all important luxury of international travel – sleeping. All wasted.

BUT - the extra space, Poppy’s own pod and each meal course delivered separately was a godsend. The free (nerve soothing) alcohol, lounge access and priority queues – even better!

So here we are – we survived the flight, and now the adventure really begins. We are 30 years old, with a toddler in tow and everything we own packed into 6 bags. 

We are starting completely fresh, with no family and friends within driving distance, funny accents and a terror of driving on the wrong side of the road.

What could possibly go wrong?

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