07 December 2012

Bass Pro Calgary - MUST DO!

This is food related… kind of.

Ok – so that’s a stretch – because I have no idea what is involved in taxidermy… but I’m pretty sure the hunters don’t just scoop the animals out for meatloaf and get the leftovers mounted.

But descriptive issues aside – if you EVER come to Calgary – you need to put this place on your to-do list. Essentially it’s an outdoor sports and hunting store, but for anyone (outside of PETA I guess) with a moderate interest in animals – it is a showcase to any, and possibly EVERY animal that ever walked the North American landscape in the last hundred or so years.

These animals aren’t merely stuffed and hung on the walls of the shop – they ARE the shop. Thousands of animals from foxes to racoons, to moose and even a polar bear create scenes of hunting, escape, migration and nesting.

Poppy's new best friend...
We spent over 2 hours in here with Poppy (she didn’t mind, or notice?, that they were all dead…) and we didn’t buy a thing.

That moment when you almost turn around walk straight back out...
Although there is a clear sign at the front door asking for all weapons to be checked before shopping – there is also a makeshift rifle range upstairs where you can test out your make-believe sniper skills, on even more stuffed animals!

Redneck Mummy... and Poppy playing spotter...
And if the “outdoorsy” life just isn’t for you – it’s also a fantastic place to ditch the menfolk and spend equal time shopping up a storm in the MASSIVE outlet mall that it is attached.

This place is amazing – for Men, for Children, for Wives who like to shop and know where to find the former when they’re done… put it on your list. It won’t disappoint!

Rocky View , AB (Calgary) | Bass Pro Shops
112-261055 Cross Iron Blvd 
Rocky View AB T4A0G3

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