11 December 2012

OMG - Our car is an igloo...

Don't forget where you parked the car... in the morning they will all look the same!
To the untrained eye it can seem slightly stalker'ish - but sometimes peering out of your hotel blinds and spying on other guests is better than being the laughing stock of the carpark.

We waited for over an hour for people to start leaving our hotel - just so we could see how it was done. 

No - we weren't trying to do a runner without paying - we had just never driven in snow before - so freeing our car from it's own personal igloo was well out of our skill-set!

Luckily we saw a few good examples - and a few not so good...  unluckily, we quickly realised that our car didn't have one of those magic remote starters as cars seemed to come alive on their own in the carpark...

Anyway... even though the snow was making it as difficult as possible - I still wasn’t keen to leave the Sheraton Cavalier.

I am a serious Hotel snob and I’ve never been ashamed to admit it. So to leave, what I knew was one of the nicest Hotels in our budget, and head for its much poorer sister – I was anxious.

I like nice showers, comfy bed and free goodies. 
I like 24 hour room service, someone to carry my bags and an onsite spa.

I may be low maintenance and a bit of a tomboy – but I like my nice Hotels.

Thankfully - the Four Points was so much better than I expected – especially for the rate we paid. We booked on a 20% off discount spree and got each night for just over $90 + tax. Another bargain!

This room was slightly bigger, 2 Queen beds (lucky seeing as Poppy was too big for the cot - so she got her own bed) a kitchenette and a decent sized desk. Again – free WIFI – but we had officially kissed goodbye to the Concierge floor and all the bonus drinks and nibbles :(

The downside – although close to the highway, a service station and Olympic Park - there was little of any interest around us, and absolutely nothing within walking distance. 

Sadly, especially as we stayed here during Calgary’s first snow of the season - the Restaurant / Room Service was dismal.

The absolute perk of this place was the Front Desk staff – they were beyond friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in our move. They also laughed at our accents and played hide-and-seek with Poppy, which gave us precious minutes alone to try and pinpoint our car in the “Blizzard Zone” before sliding across the ice to go and start it.

I would definitely stay here again if we needed to, but I also definitely wouldn’t eat in the Restaurant again. 

Sheraton Four Points Calgary West
8220 Bowridge Crescent NW
Calgary Alberta T3B 2V1 

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