23 December 2012

COWS Ice Cream and The Jaws of Death...


As a little girl growing up in the middle of the Outback where temperatures were regularly 40C+, my absolute favourite food was (and sadly for my thighs, still is!) ice cream.

Dad was always the pushover when it came to asking for treats. He would always happily allow it as long as he was allowed “a bite”.

As sugar deprived, over heated little brats – we would always thankfully give in to this one demand and innocently hand over our ice cream for the “payment” of our cool treat.

We would then watch in horror as the majority of that ice cream would disappear into the "Jaws of Death". (See re-enactment by Poppy below)

Dad would then grin at us through melting cream, hand back an almost empty wrapper and send us on our way.

It took me until my mid-20’s to figure out the only way to escape with the lions share – was to hold the cone with both hands (and a defensive position!) and control the amount of “bite” he was allowed!

So on our most recent trip to Banff, where it was a frigid -17C, we spotted a sign listing the “Top 10 Ice Cream in the World.” Unbeknownst to me, one of my all time favourites (Ben and Jerry’s) came in at #10, and here I was, standing outside Cows - the #1!!

So asides from the fact that it was colder outside on the pavement than their freezers were inside – we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample what is supposedly the best ice cream in the world!

With hubby too cold to help me eat it - I had to settle for just one scoop! After much deliberation I finally decided on their "flavour of the day" – which seemed to be a mish-mash of some of their regular offerings – and it was delicious.

Their secret ingredient? Well – they list 3. 

High Butterfat. 
Minimum Air. 
Highest Quality Ingredients. 

That’s a winning recipe for ice cream if ever I saw one! No one could disagree with that formula!

I have no complaints whatsoever, I will be back and I will take guests with me so I can try more flavours... But it isn’t my #1. Movenpick still holds my heart but I will always have room for other contenders…

134 Banff Ave

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