22 December 2012

Rundle Lounge at The Fairmont Hotel Banff

 Our first trip to Banff was on a whim.

We piled into the car for a lazy drive and lo and behold - The Poptart fell asleep! 

For anyone who knows our little girl and her bizarre hatred of sleep (and, more often than not – cars too)  – you would know that we drove, and drove, and drove – too scared to stop in case she woke up.

And that, is how we ended up in Banff.

Where else would you go in Banff besides the Fairmont Hotel? Surely everyone the world over has heard of The Fairmont Banff Springs?

We had been previously assured that they welcomed anyone into their Hotel, to eat, to stay and to just wander and admire their beautiful history. 

We were so under-dressed it wasn’t funny. We weren’t planning on a daytrip to Banff – let alone swanning around The Fairmont Hotel! I was almost embarrassed to be there – but we weren’t alone. There were more UGG’s in the Lobby than Designer Labels so we were lucky and strangely enough, able to blend in.

This Hotel is stunning. And, as we discussed over lunch – we’re pretty sure it’s haunted! It’s just got too much beauty and character not to have the odd ghost or two just hanging around… Time for some serious research before our next visit!

During our tour of the Hotel, we were 100% intimidated by the Restaurants we saw. We were majorly underdressed – and minus a babysitter – to even consider eating in them. But just as we were leaving we spotted The Rundle Lounge – filled with kids, their UGG booted parents and even a few camo’ed up Hunters.

It was worth the gauntlet of intimidation. Lunch was amazing. 

Buffalo Wings, French Onion Soup and the Turkey Club. The Wings were our favourite so far – and let me assure you – we may only have been here for 6 weeks, but we have eaten our body weight in these tasty little suckers! The wings were meaty, crisp and had the sauce both baked on – and then re-coated before serving. The baking makes such a difference… all that caramelised goodness!

The French Onion Soup was to die for... so much, and such depth of flavour. One of those times you really regret offering to share… Luckily for us – a grovelling email to their Concierge has netted us the recipe!

The Turkey Club was not the Traditional Club Sandwich I am used to – but it was still very good. Our least favourite of the 3 dishes – but only because the other 2 were so exceptional. To top it off – we were welcomed in looking like a family of homeless people and Poppy was treated like a little Princess.

Meals and experiences like these are what endear particular places to you. We can’t wait to go back to Banff – and if we can afford it, and they have the room – we’d love to have Christmas there!

Fingers crossed Hubby makes it home in time!

Rundle Lounge
The Fairmont Hotel
Banff Springs

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  1. Yum JOy. That all looks amazing. So want French Onion soup now.