21 December 2012

Wendy's and the weird Poutine.

There’s only so much takeaway food the human body can handle – and I’m pretty sure we have eaten at every establishment in Canada that has a drive through in the weeks we have been here. 

The straw that broke the Camel's back however was Wendy's. 

At home, Wendy's does an average hotdog and decent ice cream. Here, it is a low grade version of McDonald's. We ordered a couple of burgers, chicken nuggets for Poppy and a serve of Poutine.

Probably a bad choice. 

Poppy took one sniff of the nuggets and dumped them on the floor of the car. She ended up eating most of a Continental Cucumber instead... in hindsight I should have joined her.

Hubby powered through his burger out of determined hunger. I got half way through mine and then - in the middle of a beef burger - hit a flavour and texture that was 100% smoked salmon. 
I don't eat fish. Therefor I did not finish my burger.

The Poutine was soggy chips with watery gravy and hard lumps of stone, cold cheese curds. Please tell me Poutine is better than that??

So today I caved in and decided that even though we are currently living in a tiny hotel room – we could at least make our own toasted sandwiches and possibly ward off that inevitable artery blockage. 

Thus began the hunt for a toasted sandwich machine. 

Three shops and a lot of confusion later – I ended up in The Bay

Me: Do you have a Toasted Sandwich Maker? 

The Bay: A what?? 

Me: A Sandwich Grill? A Sandwich Press? 

The Bay: A what?? (Looking at me like I just fell out of the sky, Mr Bean style...) 

Me: You know, those appliances you put your sandwich in to toast it and make the cheese melt? Gesturing wildly with my hands about imaginary sandwiches being squashed between hot metal. 

The Bay: OHHH! Oh, you are SO funny. You mean a Panini Grill? Like for Grilling Panini’s? Ya – we have those. 

Hmmm. A Panini Grill… now that is a very specific type of appliance. Almost as much as a yoghurt maker or an apple corer...

But anyway – I got my Panini Grill and we are now eating toasted sandwiches (note: not Paninis) to our hearts content. 

I am also becoming rapidly aware that every time I speak, it is followed by a confused Canadian voice saying “A WHAAAT?? Oh, you mean…” 

I must truly sound and speak like an idiot… *sigh*

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