07 November 2009

K&K Austrian Bakery

It constantly amazes me just how hard it can be to find a decent breakfast... even more so now that we have moved out to the 'burbs.

So when I saw a glowing review for the K and K Austrian Bakery at Sinnamon Park, I just had to give it a try.

So this morning, with hubby sporting a mammoth hangover, we ventured out to try and find our new "local". It's tucked away fairly discreetly in a small strip mall but definately worth the trip. We had a quick look at the baked delights while we sussed out whether it was an "order at the counter" or table service - not finding any special treasures on display, we took a seat and flicked through the all day breakfast menu.

While there's nothing out of the ordinary on the menu - all the usual offenders are there - croissants, bacon and eggs, French toast, Omelettes etc. Hubby is usually a big breakfast man and despite his assurances that "my omelettes are always the best" - he decided to give K&K's a go. I tossed up between the French Toast and Eggs Benedict - but the pull of Hollandaise was just too strong.

We also ordered a coffee and iced chocolate - the latter getting high praise from hubby as one of the best he's had. My coffee was good... extra hot, the way I like it, but the coffee (once it had cooled past scalding) tasted smoky - not in a bad way, and I actually quite enjoyed it - but a little bit odd.

Our brekkies arrived and mine was not quite what I expected. A large, thick piece of toast with fresh ham, 2 poached eggs and frissee lettuce was quite literally swimming in the palest, and runniest Hollandaise I have ever seen. I will be 100% honest here and admit that asides from Oktoberfest and one dinner at the Blackforest Cafe in Wooloongabba - I don't know that much about Austrian or German food. So maybe this is how they do Hollandaise? I don't know - but it was weird. It tasted okay, but it certainly wasn't the rich, creamy and slightly zingy sauce that I have grown to love over the years - but it was okay.

Hubby on the other hand did something that he rarely manages to do... he out-ordered me. His Iced Chocolate was great, and they had used real ice cream AND real cream. It wasn't ridiculously chocolate-y, just a perfectly blended chocolate milk. Simple but wonderful. He also ordered the omelette and declared it the best one he ever had outside of my Jamie Oliver pan. I snavelled a taste - and he was right - it was beautifully light and fluffy while having LOADS of red onion, shaved ham and tasty cheese. Garnished with fresh chives and cracked pepper - I had food envy.

We will definatey go back, next time I will have the French Toast and we might even grab a couple of pastries to take home...

The Verdict: It wasn't Hollandaise sauce - but it definately wasn't a failure - we'll be back!

My recommendations: The omelette, the ice chocolate and something noice to take home...

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