05 November 2009

Kingscliff Peppers Bale - Lovely but lacking...

I know my Blog says "Adventures around Brisbane and QLD" and it is... really... I rarely make it out of the state - but when I do, I hope you don't mind if I share.

It was recently my Sister-in-Law's wedding so we packed up the RAV and off we trekked to Kingscliff for what was promised (and delivered) to be a wonderful weekend.

We were booked into Peppers Bale Salt which I was super-excited about.. my SIL is a complete snob and we love her for it, and she loves Bale. So if she loves Bale, it MUST be good! We were sharing a room with SIL #2 and as they checked in first we were flying blind over where to go, where to check in, where to park... and the place was desserted.

After driving around aimlessly for 20 minutes and wondering if people were thinking we were casing the joint - SIL finally answered her phone and came to guide us in. Now I love fancy Hotels, I love the nice furnishings, the air of exclusivity and the general feeling of being pampered. I also love the security that comes with this kind of price tag - but Bale has taken that to a whole new level.

You need a swipe card to get into the car park, *swipe* to get into the lift, *swipe* to select your floor and then - because the lifts don't service all of the rooms - *swipe* to get into the next lift, *swipe* to pick your floor again and FINALLY *swipe* to get into you room... OMG - I was exhausted by all the swiping. (And you have to repeat the process to actually get back down to the carpark...)

The rooms - once you've swiped your way to a permanent RSI, are stunning and worth every swipe. They are all fully self contained apartments with top of the range appliances, super comfy beds, massive spa baths and RAIN SHOWERS! For anyone suffering through Brisbane's water restrictions - a rain shower head is like glass enclosed heaven.

Our stay - in a nutshell - was fabulous. Salt Village is wonderful and we will definately go back. Bale is impeccable and every need is catered for in your very smart and luxurious surroundings. The only thing I can fault them on is their lack of staff. In the 2 days we were there I only ever saw the gardener. When I rang the front desk to ask about check out - the phone rang out twice without being answered.

Because Bale is it's own resort but also owned by Peppers Salt - when we were ready to check out and because their were no staff - we didn't know where to go. After wandering around like a homeless person for 30mins looking for other Hotel's Reception desk - I wandered through a garden (and the buggers turned the sprinklers on!) and found the line-up to check out... it was about 20 guests deep with only 2 receptionists on duty and one of them was on the phone... Not a good exit.

The Verdict: Immaculate and gorgeous apartments worthy of the longest stay you can muster. We will definately go back. The rates are pretty hefty - about $330 for a one bedroom apartment, but only $380 for a two bedroom... so makes sense to go with friends!

My Recommendations: Don't forget your swipe card!

Contact: Peppers Bale Salt

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